The Untouchable Son-in-law

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The Untouchable Son-in-law

By: Sandy CompletedUrban/Realistic

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" Alaric, have the dogs eaten?" Sharon gritted her teeth. "No mother," he mumbled and hung his head low. "what do mean by no, do you want to starve the dogs. Can't you see they are of more values than you?"She spat angrily and insulted him. Been treated like a trash by your wife and in-laws, how are you also going to treat them when you one-day become Untouchable.Will you forgive the house that even servant looked down on you?Will you accept the wife who would give you food that even dogs wouldn't eat. Will you accept the child of your wicked wife who didn't allow you to even touch her hair when you were married but has use a despicable means to plant your seed in her stomach?Join me as we find out how Alaric Brian the live in son law who was looked down upon society rise to power and became the ruthless cold hearted CEO of two great companies. He may actually be a pawn in the chess piece yet he actually rules the game


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198 chapters
Chapter 1 Unwanted
“He is so poor, never seen such a useless man before”. Another servant also said, “ I don’t know how the second young mistress manage to be with him, doesn’t she feel exhausted to see a man like him everyday? the only thing he has is his face.” “How could they take this as a son in-law. I have never heard of his family before, is he an orphan or maybe his parents are poor, another servant chipped in . They didn’t bother to lower their voice because they thought they were far better than him. Alaric was not bothered by their impudence because this was their daily routine so he was used to it. To the servant he was just a useless husband.It was not like he had no parent. His father was a life saver of the old master. They saw old master Han been shot on their way to a business trip. They took him home and treated him till he was fully recovered. The master was very grateful to them and promise to pay them back. The years after the old master was saved, Alaric parents had a
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Chapter 2 Life is pain
“Alaric what do you think about this proposal?” “Grandma, emm lady Han you shouldn’t go with this. It requires enough capital and takes a very long time to gain profit. You should go with this proposal, it doesn’t cost much and could fetch you more profit within a short period of time.” “I see, secretary did you hear what he said?” “Yes old madam.” The old lady looked at Alaric and said, I obeyed my husband's word because of this.The reason why the old lady still tolerate Alaric is because he is perfect when it comes to business. With his guidance the company has been progressing rapidly. Their family were unknown but with Alaric guidance they are now part of the third tier wealthy family.He was working as the old master's personal secretary when he was alive but they fired him after the old master died. To them he doesn’t deserve to work in the company but must stay in the house and work with the servant. The sad thing was he wasn't respected, even the servant were looking d
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Chapter 3 Divorce her
…… Five hours later Mandi finally came and didn’t bother to apologize to him.He saw hickeys on her neck, it was very obvious and she didn’t intend to hide them.Alaric felt like throwing up after seeing those marks. He said nothing because he would only receive insult if he were to question her. … At the Hans mansion….. “ Alaric why is the clothes not washed?” “ The washing machine is not working.” “So what if the washing machine is not working, can’t you wash them with your bare hands. Can’t you make use of your useless hands, you have twenty minutes to wash these clothes. This was a conversation between Alaric and Sharon.Sharon who is Alaric's mother in-law went upstairs but stopped halfway and said, “tomorrow is my mother’s birthday, don’t disgrace the family and if you can, don’t step foot at the party, after all, the invited guests wouldn’t want to associate with a commoner like you.” She said mockingly. …….At the birthday party, many people presented their gift. Even
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Chapter 4 His pathetic life
Chapter4They drove him out and gave him nothing. The only thing he had was his clothes. He spent his last saving on the old lady's birthday. He stood at the entrance with no hope, tears were filled in his eyes but because he was a man he didn’t allowed it to flow. He didn’t know whether he should go west or east nor south. Where was he going to sleep this evening. How was he going to eat. Awww what an unfair world. “Alaric has been walking for hours, he wanted a place to spend the night. He continued till he found a store which he assumed it will be safe to lay himself down.He took one of his clothes from the plastic bag and lay it on the floor. The place was very cold and were filled with mosquitoes.He compared the place to the where he sleeps at the Hans family and realized it was better than here.At the Hans family, he was sleeping in a store room filled with food stuffs and groceries, where unwanted things are kept. When the old master was alive, he was sleeping in the sam
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Chapter 5 Money is power
His maternal and paternal grandparents have been searching for him. He was the only hair of the Harry’s family but was the most suitable successor in the Brian family. The two great family have an enmity toward each other. Would Alaric chose one or choose the two. Can he merge the two families who are like water and fire together. How is he going to unite this two family, will he be able to merge these two great enemies. What do you think. Share your view. Last night was the worst night of his life. He was drench in the rain, The shop couldn't protect him. He stood on his feet till the rain subside down. He covered him self with graphics.His clothes were all wet but he still mange to have a short sleep around two thirty a.m. He was getting use to the environment so it has become easy for him to fall asleep. He had already accepted his fate.He woke up to the beeping of cars lined on the street. He said to himself, “Who are these people, could it be the Hans family who have regr
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Chapter 6 You are selfish
" Young master, the next room is filled with your clothes, shoes and accessories. Please feel free and call the servant, they now belong to you. You can do whatever you want with them.” The butler took Alaric around the house and left.After the butler left Alaric went to his closet and opened the closet. It was filled with expensive clothes, shoes, bracelet and watches.This was the first time he had seen all these expensive things and it’s all belongs to him. “Alaric this is a dream, woke up. He slapped his cheeks and felt pain.Oh no this isn’t a dream, it reality, he pinched his hands. Wow I am rich, starting from today, this is how I’m going to walk. He lifted his chest and raise his head high, he put his hands in his pockets and furrowed his brow. He was like a billionaire He sat down and crossed his legs. This is how am going to walk and sit down, he said to himself. He went to the washroom and gasped at what he saw, this bathroom is bigger than the Hans family washroo
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Chapter 7 We need a compensation
Alaric acted as if he didn’t have a visitor. He stayed in his office and continued with his work. The old lady had waited for more than two hours, she was running out of patience. She went to the front desk and asked if her CEO is still busy. “So arrogant and inhumane. He doesn’t even have pity for an old lady like me. Such a ruthless person.” The old lady complain bitterly.“Sir the old lady is still waiting for you,” his personal assistant told him“I know”, he replied coldly and continued with his work.Two hours later Alaric told the old lady to come in.When she got to the office, her face was blank with shock. “Alaric what are you doing here , are you a cleaner, and why are you sitting on the CEO's seat”. She said with a mocking tone but her heart was in panic.Alaric sat on the chair lazily and asked,” what do you think I’m doing here. Where did you want me to be?”“Of course I’m expecting you to be on the street with tattered clothes. Get the hell out of here and call me yo
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Chapter 8 He is mine
The next day, Mandi made preparation towards the party.She put on her best dress, she was like a vixen whom no one could take his eyes of. She had round face with sexy eyes. Her Coca-Cola’s shape with her slender legs makes you want to look at her twice. The driver drove him to the Brian mansion. When she got to the party, the men were drooling on her while the ladies were jealous of her beauty. She was satisfied with the result. “No man could take his eyes of me, with my beauty Alaric would fall for me. There is no need to seduce him.” Few minutes later a godlike figure got out of the car. He was Soo handsome, he was tall and well built. He has a sexy eyes with a pointed nose. His skin was very pale that you could almost see yourself in it. “Damn it,! This man is going to snatch our girls, said one of the male guest.” “Wow he is so handsome, I don’t think he is from this planet. I think he wasn’t born by a woman, he was molded.He is so perfect.How I wish he could have been
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Chapter 9 What are you doing here
He begun to feel dizzy and started sweating. When they got to the hotel, his personal assistant helped him but he told him to get him drugs from the pharmacy. He doesn’t want the situation to get out of hands.Alaric went to the room, only to see a beautiful lady lying on the bed. His body heated more and he was out of control. Mandi was lying naked and said seductively, Alaric am yours tonight come on, he couldn’t control his self and did what adult do. …… In the same hotel with different room a girl was trying to save herselfYou bastard get off me, you pervert I will sue you , Ava tried to resist but the man had his way out with her. “Oh no grandfather is going to kill me today. I have a blind date to go. I need to hurry. “She took a second look at him but the room was very dark , all she could see is a diamond ring. She left one dollar beside the bed and wrote a note that says, “ you are very bad in sex , I would give you five percent, all you know is move backward and forwar
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Chapter 10 Abort It
“So what if you are pregnant. You could have prevented the pregnancy but you didn’t. I never even touched your hair when I was your husband, why are you acting strange now , are you a witch. Oh because I am now wealthy so you want to take advantage of me, dream on. “Of course I’m not a witch, I didn’t know I love you until I saw you last two weeks. I have been dreaming about you. Alaric I have fallen for you. Let’s forget the past and move on, am carrying your child, forgive me and let’s live happily. She touched her flat tommy and said, feel it your seed is inside here, she tried to grab his hands but he shifted in disgust”. Mandi was surprised when she saw his reaction. “You, I was once your wife, at first you looked at me with admiration but now your eyes is full disgust, do you hate me that much. Open your eyes Alaric it’s me Mandi, your beautiful ex wife.” He grab her neck and strangled, yeah I know it’s you, the opportunist and yes I disgust you, you are selfish and
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