The Hidden Billionaire

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The Hidden Billionaire

By: Calendula CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Maks Rostitlav is a son in law who is always humiliated and despised by his wife's family because he lives in proverty. His job as a street sweeper makes him always underestimated. One day, an old man come looking for him to give the news that Maks will to be a heir of the rich family. Since then, he becomes very rich and everyone who has ever looked down on him has come to respect him.


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235 chapters
In an elite residence, the death flag is still stuck in front of the gate. People started leaving the funeral home to back at their home. Meanwhile, there was still noise inside."What are you saying? You want to borrow my money?” Snapped a middle aged woman to Maks-husband of her youngest daughter. Her voice boomed through the house until all her children and grandchildren ran to witness her anger."Yes, Mom. I promise at the end of the month I will back it to you,” said Maks. There is no other way except to borrow money from his mother in law. Because he just have time until this afternoon to pay hospital bills. Otherwise, his wife and baby will not be able to return home.Mrs.Kev growled with an angry face. “You has no empathy! My husband died yesterday, and I'm still in a state of mourning. But you've provoked me today. You embarrassed me in front of all my family!”Mr. Asraf Kev, Maks' kind father in law is gone forever. It certainly leaves a deep sorrow for the Kev family, espe
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Maks rushed into the room where his wife was being treated. Siena was already sitting on the patient bed holding her baby. She was ready to return home.Siena stared at the open door. In the doorway her husband stood.Maks felt sorry for his wife's puffy eyes. Because, Siena all night wept for the departure of her father, Mr.Kev. She longed to see her father's last face. However, the hospital did not allow her to go home before all delivery costs were paid off. Kev's family was not there to help them. Siena was deeply saddened."Honey?" called Siena softly to her husband.Maks slowly stepped towards his wife and baby. He kissed Siena's forehead and also their little daughter"Last hour, old man came to see me. He claimed that he was your father," Siena told Maks.Maks pulled the chair behind him to bring him closer to Siena. Then, he put his ass there."What did he tell you?" Maks asked. He looked at Siena's face. "He misses you," Siena replied curtly. She looked back at Ma
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Hearing this, Siena suddenly stood up and said, “No way! Dad can't possibly give me nothing." She looked at Sony seriously."Sorry. This is indeed the will that Mr.Kev wrote before his death," answered Sony.Flo replied, “Siena! It's normal that you don't get anything. Because you have nothing to be proud of. You don't get any achievements. That's why dad didn't give you anything.""That's right. You've only been bothering him all this time. Look at me and Flo, we are both dad's most successful daughter. We each have our own achievements that Mom and Dad can be proud of. While you weren't there. Your achievement can only be married to a street sweeper man! HA HA." Hera burst out laughing at the end of her words. Everyone also laughed at Siena including her mother, Mrs.Kev."So, what do you want to get? Isn't getting permission to live in this house enough? That way I don't throw you and your husband out. Because living here is your right according to the will written b
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Siena walking into the living room to fulfill her mother's call and met a guest who wanted to meet her.There the Siena family still gathered after the division of the inheritance."Siena! Come here," said Mrs. Kev, Siena's biological mother.Siena walked over to her mother. She saw a foreign man also sitting next to her mother."What's the matter, mom?" Siena asked. Her eyes glanced at the stranger who was smiling at him."Sit next to me," said Mrs. Kev.Siena obeyed her mother. So she sat opposite the stranger he didn't recognize.Mrs.Kev's mouth started to move to say something. “Siena, this is Gaston. Son of the Mayor. He said he was your upperclassman when you both attended the same high school.”Siena listening to her mother's words while looking at the man named Gaston. She trying to remember who this man was.“You recognize him, Siena?” Mrs. Kev asked her youngest daughter.Siena was already trying to remember. However, she did not recognize the man who was sitting i
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Siena immediately fell silent like a statue when her mother said it in front of her entire family including her husband. Unbeknownst to Siena, her husband was standing in front of her.Maks heard what his mother in law said. His heart felt like it was being stabbed by a hot dagger. Very sore. His mother-in-law would have the heart to separate him from his wife.Mrs.Kev saw Maks standing in front of her youngest daughter. "It's a coincidence that you're here. I'm going to introduce you to a rich man who turns out to like your wife. Look at him very successful, unlike you who do not have any capital to build a household with my youngest daughter. If my husband didn't approve of you, maybe you wouldn't be Siena's husband right now and make her life miserable. Far behind from her sister."Maks glanced at Gaston. Then, his gaze turned to his mother in law. "I promise to provide my wife with material things, Mom. There will be a lon time."Everyone burst out laughing at Maks' wor
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After turning her body towards Maks, Hera looked at her brother in law with a sharp gaze. "How dare you borrow my car?"Maks down. He was just trying to borrow a car from his second sisterr in law. "S-sorry, Hera. But our baby must be taken to the hospital right away.”"It is not y business. You can take your baby in a taxi outside.” Hera replied curtly. She immediately turned around and walking back to her room.Meanwhile, Maks is confused about what to do. The night is getting late. Obviously there won't be any taxis on the outside considering that Kev house is a little inside or far from the main road.Maks walks again, this time his goal is Uncle Brew. He intended to go to Uncle Brew's room and try to loan him a car.Maks knocked on Uncle Brew's door."Uncle Brew?" called Maks slowly.Not long after that the door opened.From behind the door Aunt Brew appeared wearing nothing but pajamas that exposed her cleavage."What is it?" asked Aunt Brew curtly.“Where ia Uncle Brew
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Maks quickly answered his mother in law's question. “N-no, mom. I didn't do that. I just want to borrow a car.”"He is lying! It's obvious he asked me to sleep with him." Aunt Brew said that to her sister. She deliberately lied to bring down Maks so that he was kicked out of this house along with Siena. Because, she want to get property Kev Family. "N-no, Mom…” Maks tried to defend himself and explain everything. However, Mrs.Kev had already walking towards him and landed a slap right on Maks' right cheek.Mrs.Kev's face flushed with emotion.Siena returned to help her husband. She looked at her mother's face. "Stop, Mom! Maks just wanted to borrow a car to take our daughter to the Hospital. She's sick, mom. High fever. I trust that Maks would not do such a despicable thing.” Siena's eyes filled with tears. She hopes her mother can trust her and her husband too.However, Mrs.Kev still believes in her biological sister. “Your aunt never lied to me!” Mrs.Kev's eyes turned black
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In the morning, Maks immediately changed his clothes to work sweeping the streets. The daily work he does. Even though the wound on his face from the blow from Uncle Brew last night still scarred his cheek and left a stinging pain.Meanwhile at the Kev family's residence, Siena is still crying over the departure of her husband who was expelled by her own mother. Even food is not appetizing for her. Because, she always thinks about how her husband fills her stomach. Because they always eat together. Moreover, Siena remembered that the wound on her husband's face from her uncle's punch was still there. Siena really wanted to treat the wound."Siena! Don't you want breakfast? Mom is waiting for you at the dinner table!” Hera's voice, Siena's second sister, sounded loud in Siena's ears. Her sister called her from outside Siena's room.Siena wiped her tears. "Just go ahead. I'll follow when you're done." Her voice was still hoarse because she had cried a lot."You're weird! You
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Maks stood up quickly. His eyes kept on staring at the man who got off the luxury car and walked towards him.With his wand, the old man limped towards Maks. A dashing young man stepped out of the steering wheel door. He was the driver of the old man.Now, Maks and the old man faced each other. The old man's eyes filled with tears as he looked at Maks. One hand held Maks' cheek."I-I miss you, son," said the old man. Maks as silent. He let the old man's hand touch his face with watery eyes."Why are you only now looking for me?" asked Maks to the old man who was his real father, Mr.Rocky.Mr.Rocky lowered his hand that was touching his son's face. "I've been looking for you all this time. But I didn't find you."Maks picked up his things which were located below. Without glancing at his father, he hurriedly stepped away and left Mr.Rocky.The old man followed Maks while saying his name. "Maks! Maks! Maks! Don't go again!"However, Maks paid no heed to it. He continued to w
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Seeing his father already lying unconscious on Bernard's lap, Maks was shocked. He felt his heart called to immediately go to his father, Mr.Rocky. Maks immediately ran towards Bernard and Mr.Rocky. He still harbors annoyance with his father because he was expelled. However, as a child he still couldn't bear to see his father suddenly fall ill.After arriving in front of his father, he squatted down to align his position.He put his hands on his father's cheeks and gently patted them. "D-daddy! Dad!"Maks frantically looked at Bernard. "Let's take him to the hospital!" Maks' voice was heard screaming.Then Bernard helped Maks to carry Mr.Rocky and get into the car. Bernard feeds the car to take his boss to the hospital.Along the way, Maks continued to hold tightly to his father's hand which was currently on his lap. "Hold on! I beg you!" Maks always said those words to his father.Meanwhile, his father remains unconscious."Please, go fast. We have to get to the hospital!" Maks ur
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