Into The Future VII

    "What are the things you have in mind, Bot?"

       They had been walking for over some minutes. She couldn't figure out what minutes though, but she did know that it had been quite the minutes. She felt how they were trying to exclude her from all the things. Like the discussions and all. Of course she was not pleased and the last thing she would do was force herself on them. That would be belittling. That would mean that she had no standard for herself. She wouldn't suffer such stance. She wouldn't kowtow. Her eyes were widening. Like they were going to pop out. She was still struggling to snap outta the odds of the pain. The pain the struggle had lent her. The pain the duel had damp her pedigree with. She wasn't sure what that was or would be. She was just walking with them. She wasn't sure how long she'll keep walking with them. She wasn't sure how long she would keep keeping up with the odds and their

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