"What place is this?"

      Twas unlike all the places they had been. It was bubbling. Kinda perky. There was light all over the place. Twas matter-of-factly a room,but wasn't like the cafeteria they had been to. There was a music playing. Such music that you want to sway your body to. It was crowded too and you could hardly see your eyes. She didn't like that kinda place. Twas way too rowdy. 

      She fought to stay close to the remaining too. Twas strange what they were putting on. They were dressed in some jumpy attires. Especially her. She didn't know what the fairy had done to her. Or suiting to say, what he had done to the two of them. 

      She looked at the mates, they were looking kinda searching for the reason they had come there. The fairy was so given to the search that she he didn't know when he hit a man in the jaw. 


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