"What did you think I meant in the first place."

        A new cuppa had been brought to him. He was all-smile. Lambz didn't know what to make of him anymore. He was tired of wanting to talk him outta it. He did know that the fellow would stick to whatever did seem pleasant to him. He was ready for it of course. He wouldn't push. There was no point in doing that. He had only had the time to make meaning of all which he couldn't address. He would figure out that soon. He wasn't so sure about it. He didn't want to nurse the thought. He would figure out sooner or later. He was acquainted with that fact. Twould always come around. He could say that over and over again. Of course he wouldn't regret saying that. All it didn't say it out if course. He had enclosed it in his rage. He was mastering the whole art. He wanted to be the dean of atrocity. He was more than glad that the whole thing was coming out c

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