"What do you think we can do?"

   That was from Dar. All of them were more than interested at that moment. He didn't know what to make of. They all should find a place in their hearts of course to register the odds which had been supplanted. Twasnt what they could ignore. Twasnt what he could put up with. He didn't know if he was the only held in the thought. He couldn't be really sure. He did want to be sure. He wanted to have the words fixed in the appropriate place. He did want to have his way around it. Everyone would want to do that. He did know that every of them wanted to do that. Why should he be exception then? He couldn't make meaning of it. He did want to identify with the rage and register what he couldn't put up with. He did know that he would be able to put up with the meaning sooner or later. He was more than sure about that. He did only want to figure out what he was supposed to do. He did want to understand what

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