First mission (1)

     Two weeks after Julian and I collected new ammunitions from Mr Kim, my schedules still remain the same, going to work every morning and coming back just in time for dinner. Except for times when I have late nights delivery, then will I miss dinner.

The others were quite busy these past weeks as well so I rarely get to see them in the house, so technically, it's been just me and Julian in the house.

I looked at the time as I sat in the packaging area, it read 6:46pm, sixteen minutes after closing time. All the workers had gone home for the day except for those having the night shift.

Sigh, it's still too early for me to go home since there's nothing exciting waiting anyway. Maybe I should take a walk around town, then I can even get to know more places than I already have. Just then, I received a text on my cellphone.

Julesūüė£: can you pass by the store to get some bacon and fresh c

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