'Jules '

   The next morning, Harry and the other guys had already left the house before I woke up leaving me and Julian alone in the house.

"good morning cupcake " he greets me as soon as he sees me entering the kitchen.

"good morning.....where are the others? "

"they had a delivery to take care of "

"oh " I eyed the time. My goodness! I had slept in!

"why didn't anyone wake me! Ah! I'm going to be late for work"

"don't worry about that, you don't have any work to do today so Harry said I should let you sleep in for as long as you want"

"eh...is that allowed to happen? " I asked shocked.

"is what allowed to happen "

"Harry deciding for me to stay back at home "

"haha, of course, he's practically Nico's sword. So he gets to make decisions of his own, as long as he doesn't interrupt Nico's busines

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