Flashback (2)

I've been running for the past three hours, away from the mad dogs and uniformed men chasing after me. These dogs were as relentless as a demon, not giving me a single chance to breathe.

You may be wondering why dogs and uniformed men are chasing me. Don't worry I'll explain it as briefly as I can.

<rewind to two weeks back>

'I can't take it anymore'  'I have to leave or I'll go crazy'  'I must find a way to escape this goddamned place, it's sickening'

Those were the thoughts flowing through my mind as I laid on my bed trying to find sleep.

Officially a year and three months since my parent's demise and I've been transferred to yet another orphanage.

I guess Mrs Kowalski got tired of my disassociation from her and the other staffs as well as the other kids at the orphanage so she reported me to the authorities.

After wh

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