Flashback (3)

So apparently, he and I mean Harry was in that corner because he was hiding from someone he had beaten because the person promised that he was going to pay for what he did.

Also I found out that Harry was an orphan like myself and that he'd been on the streets since he was eight years old.

He survived by picking pockets but as he got older, picking pockets began to grow old on him so he found a job at a factory when he was thirteen and he had been working there since then.

Did I mention that he bought me some food <awkward laugh>. When we were talking my stomach decided to expose me by grumbling so loud you could hear the sound two streets away.

He asked what my story was and I told him everything from how I used to live, to when my parents died in that tragic accident over a year ago, and how I'd been going from one orphanage to another, how I was so sick of it that I decided to escape

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