Intermission (2)

  "who's up for some yummy dessert?! " Julian called out from the kitchen.

"Ooh me! me! " Mike hopped on the couch. Sometimes it's really hard to believe he was Conny's older brother. Like Conny acts way more matured than him.

"me too! " Conny called out

"me three! " Blake called out

"me four! " Harry called out.

"I'm up for some " Jeff shrugged, focused on his phone

"ugh! you ruined it " Mike whined

"ruined what? " Jeff asked, still focused on his phone

"don't act like you don't should have said 'me five ' " he kept whining. Jeff and I rolled our eyes at his level of childishness.

"whatever, I said what I said " he peeled Mike away from his body and went back to his phone.

"kill joy " Mike huffed and turned his attention to me. He looked at me with a 'please don't be like him ' loo

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