Tranquil Fiend

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Tranquil Fiend

By: Lord Tan OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The sound of the wind was clear, it was a lucid reality. I keep on walking, I have no choice. Succumbing to my fate? Who knows. Despite the sound of death and the breeze of love, I abandon it all, therefore I embrace the emptiness. Withering with time and stuck in the pathway of it all. Fated to be a young master, doomed as a commoner. The sky fell to the ground but despite all of that he is bound to realize that everyone is equal in face of heaven and earth, in face of him including everyone. Journey of a mortal to an indescribable change, an indefinite trace of the trail of the chaos itself. The absolute chaotic neutrality. He shall be the fiend himself, and the saint himself in the gist of his situations.

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"An era has ended and the countless nights that I can't remember have passed. The bright sky and the dark night harmonize with the unfamiliar memories despite the uniform way.""The flow of time and the passing of memories is bounded by mortal eternity. Heaven has fallen but it struggles to survive, even so, it can not be helped. An instinct to survive, the one with blood flowing, whoever it is cannot overcome.""YOU!!!! insolent fool, YOU DARED TO REBEL AGAINST THE HEAVEN" screamed heaven."YOU DARE TO RECITE WHEN YOU DESTROYED THE GRAND HEAVENNNNN???" another piece screamed. I am confused, by what is going on and what may be unfolding beyond. The more I try to understand, the more I see and the more I can't understand.I am forgetting myself? Who am I? I was called Nath Hua once. I remember now, that the true gods have rebelled.They have managed to overcome heaven. The world is truly changing. Under the shadow of that person, everyt
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Beyond humanity
"Nath why don't you understand that you can't escape our grasp. You are destined to be sacrificed to our ancestors.Do you think that you as a mere mortal can escape from us Immortals?" The Immortals were shouting.Nath was confused, he was just a 14-year-old kid. What else could he even do, he was cowering in fear, and all he could do was blame fate.He was born with a golden spoon but tragedy struck, This was a shitty cruel world where one hand could overcome two hands, where strength ruled everyone, where you could only lower your head and succumb to fate as the saying goes wise man succumbs to the fate.Nath Hua a 14-year-old child was born in the Hua clan. He was destined to be a young master but in this world, strength could determine your fate hence the neighboring clan schemed against the Hua clan.But in Nath's view, it was like the entire world had gone against him. The immortals from the Bai clan allied with Xang and Ling clan to plunder
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Forbidden Fruit of life
A youth that looked around 13 to 15 was there lying in the prison surrounded by countless people like him.He had a charming look but he still looked plain, He had the charm of being plain itself. He could be considered upper-lower tier on looks. He had long and silky hair going down to his abdomen.He had a deep expression. Face full of despair and pain, eyes that are deep and dead.Indeed he looked like a man who lost hope in his life. Hope is as shallow as fear, it was an undeniable truth.The youth's iris looked extremely dead and deep, Even somehow resembling a fish.He was Hua Nath. He had lost hope in his life, at least he did not become a victim of disappointment.He was lost in his memories.He was constantly seeing a scene that he wanted to erase.He could not help but see a man with white clothing, it was a white robe, He had dark hair but was short, it was his father Suma Hua. He looked like he was in his mid 30's b
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Demonic Sect
In a distant place.Full of an evil aura around it, there was a young boy.It was Nath Hua. He woke up to find himself in a new area.Where was he currently?how would he know that he was already sold to the evil demonic cult?Not only him most of the mortals from the Hua clan were also sold to the demonic cult.But it was not that the demonic cult was full of ruthless barbaric people.It was the opposite, it was full of crafty and witty people who had moved on from clan system to sect system.This world of the Immortal clan was full of people with an old mentality where only the descendant of an immortal clan was allowed to be an immortal.The demonic cult or the demonic sect was a new system of nurturing junior immortals.Where talents would be utilized and their battle strength would flourish.In this system, if one could ruthlessly kill and survive against other disciples then they could be at the peak.
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When there is hope, there hides the disappointment
On a grand hall, there was a mortal boy. There was hope, the hope of the weak. But hope is as shallow as fear. Hope is equally shallow as fear. On the other side of hope there lies the ancient disappointment. Higher you fly with hope, the fall of disappointment will be equally greater. All these mortals full of hope were both pitiful and stupid. It was the same with Nath Hua. With some nervousness, with a shaking figure, Nath Hua was ready to evaluate his talent. The wheel of fate symbolized heaven. It was rotating, heavenly light of hope and disappointment was rotating. It was truly a beautiful sight. The air was violent, the light was extending to a height but it stopped. The Light had not even soared to the sky but it stopped at 100m. It was the sign of average talent. Nath
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Human Nature
Nath Hua found himself at a new place.There were countless evil statues of respective evil overlords.The place was giving off a chilly feeling. Nath Hua was scared, needless to say.When he woke up he found himself in a room.He was going to be sacrificed. In truth, his vitality was going to be sucked to increase immortal's life.Immortals were not truly immortals, they did not have eternal life. They were going against heaven and fate to increase their life. In theory, it was Pursuit of Eternity,It was the pursuit of immortality. Immortals were miserable in their own respective views.They could not rest, they had to gain strength, if not they would be killed by others, and they would be bullied. Strength ruled the world, whichever the world it is.They were going against heaven for true immortality, they had offended heaven so naturally, heavenly tribulation was behind them to take their life.It was indeed the joy
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Survival is what matters
In a distant place.Full of evil and dark aura, it gave spectators the feeling of death.It was indeed a place where countless people were sucked out of vitality, full of miserable last regrets.Curses of countless living beings but so what?they were already dead what could they even do to them? they could only curse and blame themselves for being weak and miserable.A handsome boy with a royal and arrogant aura was standing there.He was there enjoying the moment, he could not help but laugh while looking at a miserable boy who looked extremely weak and miserable.It was indeed Nath Hua. His face full of vitality and charm had been turned into a face full of lifelessness and wrinkles.In fact, he even looked ugly.Even if he could not exert his strength to talk. He was using all of his last remaining energy to crawl up.He crawled up, he did not want to lick Fezco's shoes.How could he the mighty Nath Hua
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There is a legend about heavenly destiny.Every human has their own predestined path and way of life.It is all arranged before the person was even born and some even call it fate.It's like the restriction of life but also freedom. While many can't accept the fact about fate.But It's just a legend that has never been predetermined.The path always did not mean fate it also mean one's ideology and beliefs. A way of living.The true way of a true human without any fakeness, very few walk this path.Only the greatest figure above countless could only find their way.Normal disciple area"Nath Hua I knew you were smart, welcome!"Lin Xiang spoke with a warm attitude.After Lin Xiang suppressed normal disciples with his power, Nath Hua directly joined him so he could avoid trouble.With Nath Hua's experience as a young master, he had political and financial skills.He managed to become Lin Xiang,
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In a shabby and tattered place, there was a male lying and groaning in pain.He had a plain but attractive face, his eyes with light flickering gave people a deep impression of him.But now he was lying on the ground in agony. He was full of bruises and stains. He was covered with blood."Ouch! those fuckers really went overboard this time. This hurts but not only did they hit me in vital places like the throat and solar plexus, they even took my remaining 80 immortal stones. If this goes on I won't be able to pay my rent."Nath Hua thought while being enraged.Nath Hua's situation was getting worse, he could not even cultivate. First of all, he had an average talent and it would take him at least 50 years to reach rank 1 cultivation.If he was still a young master of his clan, he would be able to reach rank 1 semi-immortal faster with various immortal methods.Fate liked to play jokes on people. His clan was destroyed by the scheme o
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Suma Hua's shadow was expressed towards Nath Hua.This was Nath's Rank 5 inheritance. Suma Hua had planted the inheritance in Nath's consciousness, Nath was going through the inheritance.Immortality? What is it? If you think about it you will realize a point that is to live.What is living? Living is a form of desire. It's an experience. You are an experiencer experiencing your life.You start cultivating as immortal for power, wealth, and other superficial levels.Eventually, it changes according to your desire, lust, envy, greed, or anything.But in the end what's the point of all these desires? It has no meaning in it.After you go through all these phases you will understand time is important and what you lack is time.With enough time anyone can grow. Even an idiot can reach a grand level but they can't essentially.After that, you will understand that you need time. You need time to survive. Living in the moment o
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