154 - We meet again

Four months had passed since their wedding, and it had been nothing short of bliss. Aiden recalled, a month after his marriage, he had the privilege of being the best man at Gregg's wedding to Zin. It was another day of joy and friendship, another day of unforgettable memories. As he watched his friend recite his vows, he couldn't help but feel a sense of profound happiness. It was as if life had come full circle, their shared dreams finally coming true.

Now, Aiden found himself in the grandeur of his living room, the plush furnishings reflecting his luxurious lifestyle. His gaze lingered on a group photo from his own wedding that hung on the wall, the silver frame capturing the raw, unfiltered happiness of that day. James, the ever-loyal butler, had snapped the photo, capturing a moment of pure joy, their faces alive with laughter and love.

A smile tugged at his lips as his eyes scanned the faces in the frame-his radiant wife, Risa, Gregg, Zin, and Mr. Smith. It was a precious mement
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