Transmigrated With A Thrifty System

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Transmigrated With A Thrifty System

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Aiden's lavish lifestyle came to an abrupt halt when his bank froze his accounts and seized his fortune, inherited from his late parents. With no choice but to return home for an extended stay, Aiden received a cryptic message and task from his father's attorney - spend a designated amount of money each week or month for a year or forfeit all rights as the sole heir to the fortune. But Aiden soon discovered that there was more to the challenge than just spending his money. Picking up a mysterious green credit card, Aiden was transported into an alternate world where magic and technology coexisted. Here, Aiden's spending habits would be put to the test, and the stakes were high. Aiden found himself navigating a treacherous thrifty system, where wise spending choices were paramount. He was forced to confront his extravagant and wild lifestyle head-on, and soon found that it was not as easy as he had initially thought. With his inheritance and future at risk, Aiden had to choose between the life he had always known or a newfound path filled with secrets, danger, and uncertainty. Join Aiden on a thrilling journey as he unravels the mysteries of his inheritance, learns the true value of money, and discovers a world beyond his wildest dreams.


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1 – You've reached your limit
The Green Dragon bar was alive with energy as Aiden stepped through the door. He was a tall, handsome man with jet-black hair and piercing blue eyes. His chiseled jawline and prominent cheekbones made him look like he belonged on the cover of a magazine.Dressed in a perfectly tailored black suit, Aiden made his way through the crowded bar towards a table filled with friends. As he approached, he could hear the raucous laughter and cheers emanating from the group."Free drinks for everyone!!!" he shouted, standing atop another guy lying face down over several tables. The crowd erupted into cheers, and people began dancing wildly on top of the tables.A waitress approached him with three glasses, and he thanked her before turning his attention back to the lady leaning against him. She wore a tight red bodycon dress that showed off every curve of her body, and she smiled seductively through heavily painted eyelids."Mr. Aiden, I'm having a great evening," she purred, leaning forward to k
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2 – Something greater than yourself
Aiden sat alone on his couch, his eyes blankly staring ahead. His frustration had been building for days, and it had finally reached its boiling point. Without warning, he picked up an empty glass cup and threw it across the living area, shattering it into a million pieces.The sound echoed through the house, causing the servants inside to look curiously at their master. Aiden didn't care; he was too consumed by his anger to worry about their opinions.The door opened, and Raymond stepped forward, wearing black leather gloves over his hands. The other hand held a briefcase wrapped securely under his arm.Looking down at the broken shards scattered along the carpet, he walked closer and kicked on a shard sticking halfway out of the wood frame beneath the coffee table. It snapped free, easily falling apart into two pieces."What a temper you got there, young lad!" said Raymond, his tone light-hearted.Aiden's eyes flickered towards Raymond before returning to his blank stare, "Why should
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3 – What's happening tonight?
The voice coming from the computer-like system sounds monotonous yet soothing enough to calm even the most anxious person. It speaks with an accent that Aiden can't quite place, but it's not important right now. Aiden looks around the room, trying to get his bearings, but everything feels surreal."You're a system...a program…an AI…" Aiden stammers, recalling all the fictional stories he had been told by his father while growing up. His father used to tell him tales of magical creatures living among humans disguised as ordinary people. He always claimed that every human being could potentially become part fairy tale creature given their willingness to believe."'Dragon companion', huh?" Aiden asks with a smirk, quickly responding to the question he was asked. "Please tell me more..."[Transportation to Azeroth via teleportation gate. Please wait ten seconds before departure. Have fun exploring the land of the supernatural]"What? Wait, hold on now—" Aiden yells, but then he notices som
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4 – I'm not crazy!
The man turned towards him and said, "It's going to happen tonight."Aiden was confused and asked, "Tonight? What's going on tonight?"The man looked at him as if he were crazy and then explained, "The ceremony. The one that happens once a year."Aiden nodded, pretending to understand, and then walked away. He couldn't help but feel intrigued by the strange behavior of the people and decided to stay and observe.As the day turned into night, the crowd started to grow larger, and the chanting got louder. Aiden could feel the energy building up in the air, and he wondered what was going to happen next.Suddenly, a woman with a painted face approached him and said, "you look lost. Can I help you?"Aiden looked at her, surprised by her kindness, and said, "sure?"The woman smiled and said, "This is the Night of the gods. It's a celebration that honors the ancient mythical creatures that once roamed our lands. We gather here every year to pay our respects and to offer them gifts."[Would yo
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5 – Are you comfortable with my size?
[Spending Quotas – Each day (depending on the level you attain) you receive five thousand dollars worth of purchasing power based on your current total quota account balance. You may also earn additional income via commissions earned selling items earned from the weekly rewards, at a higher price using said items. And saving these earnings earns a 10% interest.]The screen reads and Aiden nods in understanding.[Merit Points – Merits allow you to purchase special perks including upgrades to your character attribute, skills, equipment, level, etc… You gain two merits per a hundred dollars spent resourcefully or gain new items stored in the inventory that could be of use in Azeroth or Collow.] The information scrolls across the bottom half of the display."That means that the gold coin I received earlier is stored somewhere in there." He looks at his bracelet, wondering how something so tiny could fit in other items once he begins his collection process.Patiently waiting for his syste
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6 – We're trapped with a beast?
Lyris' eyes gleamed with intensity as she gazed at Aiden, her words carrying an air of mystery and intrigue. [Rydel was a wise man, Aiden. He understood the value of the system and used it to his advantage. But that is not all he did. Your father was a key player in the realm, and he was caught in situations beyond his control.]Aiden's mind raced as he struggled to comprehend the gravity of Lyris' revelation. His father, a key player in the other realm? It was all too much to take in. "Why are you telling me this?" Aiden asked, his voice trembling slightly.Lyris smiled enigmatically, her words laced with purpose. [Because, host, you have a part to play in all of this. Your destiny is intertwined with the realm, and it is time for you to embrace it.]Aiden's shock quickly turned to guilt as he looked down at the bedsheet, feeling as though he had committed a crime. In a rush, he picked up his phone and dialed the only number he knew had a connection to all of this, but his calls to th
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7 – Kristen died?
With lightning speed, he grabs Kristen's hand pulling hard causing her to stumble back toward him. She screams aloud trying desperately to break free, kicking wildly at his legs."Kristen, please listen to me. It won't hurt us." His voice sounds calm despite being caught off guard having never expected anyone else to find themselves trapped like this.Her face turns red hot, glaring daggers through narrowed eyelids. Her hands continue their struggle even though she knows better now that they could die if nothing is done.Inching forward carefully, he reaches for her phone."What are you–" She tries again to pull away, shaking violently under his touch.He holds firm, saying softly, "It'll take less than thirty seconds…"Typing rapidly on the screen, he logs into his account, quickly finding what looks promising enough: 'Gift cards.' With trembling fingertips, he taps several options including an A****n Gift Card.Within moments, hundreds upon thousands of gift codes appear ready for pu
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8 – Do I get a reward?
Dressed casually yet elegantly, Aiden walks toward Ace restaurant located right next to Sanders park overlooking a lake.He looks above, marveling at the creeping vines that wrap around trees like long tendrils reaching across branches—a beautiful sight against blue skies dotted with white clouds drifting lazily overhead. The air smells fresh despite being mid-morning; birds chirping happily among tall grasses swaying gently under gentle breezes blowing through open windows along both sides of the street.He adjusts and opens a button, then takes another step forward towards the building made entirely out of brick red stone walls surrounding its large front porch complete with columns holding up arched entryways leading inside. The sign hanging over one doorway reads "Ace Restaurant." It has two floors: ground level consisting mostly of tables lining either side facing outside seating areas near the sidewalk, plus some booths lined down the middle between rows upon rows of wine bott
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9 – That's your first time?
". . . strange seeing someone of my status showing random people kindness without making a big show out of it, am I right?!" She finishes laughing hysterically.Turning away from him, she shakes her head back and forth, letting loose another laugh. When finally calming down, she looks directly at him smiling brightly.Aiden smiles awkwardly feeling uncomfortable. After taking several seconds to collect his thoughts, he asks, "are you truly going for a charitable cause here, Zin?"Smiling widely, she answers, "I am indeed doing charity work every day. Just because we aren't talking about your generous donation does not mean your efforts go unnoticed."'Donations? I just did that to gain your favor,' thinks Aiden internally.[Your record isn't entirely a clean slate, host]'Agreed.' Aiden affirms.He can still recall that he has scores to settle with Kristen and his friends who were present at the bar.But despite having a different motive previously, he decides against voicing anything
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10 – Truth of the merit point revealed
"No comment," Aiden responds casually.She smirks knowingly saying, "then why do I feel differently tonight? It feels good having dinner with somebody other than myself these days. And besides, don't worry; whatever happened yesterday won't affect anything moving forward. We'll continue doing business as usual."With a smile, Aiden nods agreeing with everything said thus far. His mind wanders off momentarily thinking over various possibilities regarding his future. Zin gestures to his plate, indicating for him to take the first taste.Seeing the floating digits of the prize it was worth paying attention to its value: $7000. 'Why the fuck did I eat this so comfortably in the past?' He asks himself while struggling to pick up the knife and have a slice of the meat. Unable to go through with it, he gets to his feet and walks to a random man sitting nearby. He takes a glance at the man's features briefly noticing he has dark hair cut short along with piercing grayish-brown eyes. Stan
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