Chapter 106: Aicquie's Curse - Maledicton of the Trickster God, 5 vs 1
“Uhh… why am I caught up by Coco’s Spell? Why am I also transported here? *cough*”

“It’s because you didn’t move away, you idiot,” Minerva answered Skald.

“I’m also here too,” the kid that guarded Nikko said.

Minerva sighed at the sight of the kid.

All of them were transported in one of Coco’s Controlled Dimensions to fight the lone Nikko. The theme in this controlled Dimension is a vast flatland.

“Move away, you two. I already defeated this guy. I’ll make it quick this time,” Minerva confidently uttered as she approaches Nikko. “Don’t make this hard for you. Admit defeat and I’ll consider taking you out of here unharmed,” Minerva proudly demanded Nikko.


“Stubborn, aren’t you? Well… it couldn’t be helped, I’ll just put you down like the last time we clashed together,” Minerva stated as she drew her sword and pointed it at Nikko. She also used her Magic Amulet to create her Icicle Arm. Minerva starts to chant a Spell,

“Icicle Spear!”

An Ice Spear formed in front of her. A
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