Epic of the Broken Immortal

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Epic of the Broken Immortal

By: Matfield OngoingSystem

Language: English

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The day the world fell was also the beginning. It brought to an end to the world as we knew it. Join me on one boys quest to find himself and become a man. Matthew had high hopes for the beginning of his mage school life. Those dreams quickly shattered after finding out he was a cripple. Follow him as he climbs up from the pits of hell to reach the pinnacle of the world....and beyond.

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52 chapters
In the year 2062, mana came to earth. The introduction of this new type of energy brought the world to the brink of destruction. Almost two thirds of the population couldn't cope and died from an illness that we now call mana bane. After the vast majority of humans died, the flora and fauna began to change. It was an initially slow process, but the longer these creatures were exposed to mana the more they began to change. Plant life flourished and forests seemed to regrow over night. Meanwhile, animals became stronger, faster, and smarter due to the increasing changes that the planet was experiencing. Humans fared far worse during this time. Those that survived the initial arrival of mana would find themselves basically helpless when it came to surviving without the help of technology. Mana had done much more than simply wipe out the vast majority of humans. It had also destroyed basically all forms of communication and transport as well. Nations fell overnight and
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The Broken
'Well, turns out that my day is going to be shit.' Is what Matthew thought as he was being chased by his friend turned bully. "You can't run forever you rat." James said. 'Why can't this be a good day. We are going to be late for the ceremony for fuck sake.' Was all Matthew could think as he gasped for air. Trying desperately to reach the school gates where he would finally be safe. Unfortunately, that was when the second bully made his appearance, tripping Matthew before he could reach the gate that was about 100 feet way. The second bully was the real mastermind of all this. Kirk was a larger kid that stood almost six feet tall with broad shoulders and was well muscled due to good genetics. Kirk's family owned the business that James' parents worked at and had befriended James some time ago. At some point, Matthew had been accused of stealing from the store and getting James' father demoted since he had defended him. This lead to Kirk convincing Jam
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The Broken pt. 2
Matthew opened the door to his house as he walked like a zombie to his room. His parents were well off so they had a decent sized house that had three bedrooms, a sizable kitchen and living room, and a bathroom in each bedroom as well as a guest bath in the living room. Making his way up to his room and falling down on his bed, he begrudgingly opened his status screen.Matthew HartLevel - 1Title - NoneSkills - Mana Perception (minor)Affinities - NoneHealth - 100Mana - 0Strength - 3Endurance - 4Agility - 3Intelligence - 4Wisdom - 4Mana core - Tiny cracked core (Broken) Mana cores came in a variety of values and ranges. The size of the core determined how much mana could be stored and could be gradually enlarged to hold more, thus upgrading it. The sizes were: tiny, minimal, small, normal, enhanced, large, grown, and colossal. There were also additives such as refined, strengthened, and condensed. Matthew had the current worst out come of his classmates w
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A Method
Matthew sat on his bed and began to read through the book as he found light in the bleak darkness that his life had become. With new found hope he began to read. The first chapter of the book required the user to train their perception to the greater grade. The grades of skills were: minor, experienced, major, and greater. Reaching experienced grade would be doable over the three days he had before going back to school, but major and greater would take longer. As such, he began that night working on his perception. The minor mastery allowed someone to sense the mana that touched them. They would then have to gradually push their sense past their body and reach out to about the two foot mark. It took several hours for Matthew to be able to sense the mana that touched his skin and in the air that he breathed into his lungs. This was already good progress as it would normally take days for most people to be able to sense and gather mana. The mental exhaustion that
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Today was the last day that Matthew would have to improve before going back to school. Going through the constant cycle of exhausting his mental strength had made it so that he got exhausted less. To reach the major grade for his mana perception he would have expand is senses past the six foot mark. He had already reach the five foot mark meaning that it wouldn't take much more to push through. His base stats had improved slightly thanks to all of the training he had been doing. He was determined to reach the major mastery today so he got up early as he had been and began training right away. Even without expanding his senses now he could sense mana at two feet away. Gradually pushing out from there, he reached five feet and began to push outward. Step by step he slowly advanced until he hit the wall that was the six foot mark. This was the closest he had come so far to reaching the major grade. This step was a little different though in that he had to solidify
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The initial steps of body refinement were quite simple. First, draw mana into the body using the gathering technique. Then force the mana into the bones and circulate it throughout the skeletal system to essentially wash the marrow and rid it of impurities. With that said, Matthew gave it a try. He first drew in mana and then began to force it into his bones. This step is where the pain started as it felt like he was scraping his bones with a knife. Nonetheless, he carried on, pushing the mana further. Slowly, the mana began to seep into his marrow and then he began to circulate it. One round of circulation was all he was able to stand before he passed out. He woke up about an hour later feeling like he had run a marathon and was sore all over. He could barely move and had to struggle to simply sit up. Stretching his body, he managed to make his way to the bathroom and took a long hot bath to relieve his soreness. With that done he called it a day since it was al
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The First Day
Making his way to school, Matthew made sure to be on the lookout for his bullies. He didn't want to have a run in with them while he was still slightly sore from his first refinement session. It seemed that he had worried for nothing though, as he made it to school and class without incident. Putting his things away and making his way to class F-8. This was the class he had been assigned due to his current status. There only about six other students in the class with him. The first thing that greeted him when he walked through the door was a few stares that held a look of pity. 'If only they knew that I'll be able to surpass them all if this regimen of mine succeeds.' Was what he thought quickly finding a seat. "Good morning class. I'll be your teacher." Said a rather robust looking gentleman as he walked in. He was positively ripped and his clothes seemed to barely be able to contain his hulking form. He was easily six and a half feet tall, bronze colored
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School had ended so Matthew hurried home so that he could complete the experienced grade and break through in to the major grade. Grabbing a quick bite to eat on his way to his room he finished his food and quickly got to work. It only took roughly five minutes before he was able to reach the six foot mark and had the position completely solidified. One second he was holding at the six foot mark, and the next he was already at the seven foot mark.*Ding* *System updated*Matthew HartLevel - 1Titles - noneSkills - Mana perception (major), Mana gathering (minor)Health - 110Mana - 1Strength - 4Endurance - 5Agility - 4Intelligence - 6 -> 7Wisdom - 4Mana core - Tiny cracked core (broken) He had finally done it. He had reached the major grade. Having gained a stat point in intelligence made him feel refreshed so he could keep pushing toward the greater grade. Now that he had passed into the major grade, his senses could passively feel the mana up to seven fe
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Matthew spent the rest of night trying to learn the enhanced memory skill. He could feel that he was on the cusp of making it work unfortunately he had to sleep since he was mentally exhausted. Waking up before the sun, he continued his routine. His perception was still increasing gradually. His gain so far today was reaching the fifteen foot mark for expanding his mana perception and reaching a nine foot passive sense. Doing his morning routine of physical exercise showed that his body was still slowly adapting to the training as he was able to run just a little further today in the same amount of time. Today's walk to school saw the return of his bullies Kirk and James. They had been placed in class F-1 since their satus' were slightly advanced for their age. Matthew altered his route to avoid them and made it to class without incident. The class featured the same soulless looks from his classmates and his hulking teacher Mr. Falls. "Today we will b
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Falling Apart
Matthew hurried home from school to try his new idea. If it worked, it could multiply his progress many folds over. Heading straight up to his room, he began as usual with his perception training. He was finally able to push his perception to the peak of the major grade and had solidified it up to twelve feet now. This kind of breakneck progress was astounding even among someone hailed as a genius. Having finished his perception training, he moved on to body refinement where he began to pull mana through his pores and into his bones. He first tired to concentrate on one spot and tried to create a clump of mana to circulate through his marrow. He quickly found that a clump of mana would be impossible, but the fact that he was able to concentrate the mana was already a start. 'This can work just not in this way,' he thought to himself as he tried to figure a way around it. He decided to give up on that idea for the moment and proceeded with the technique as norm
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