Reincarnated as a Gun in Another World with a System!

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Reincarnated as a Gun in Another World with a System!

By: Bob Genji OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Kuro Usagi, a teacher from his previous life, has been killed by a truck. And when he opens his eyes, Kuro becomes a gun and is being held by a princess from a distant Kingdom named Chloe! Unfortunately, the world Kuro reincarnates is currently at war against various Empires and Kingdoms! Will the two find their way across the border of the cities, gather more allies, starting a magical journey of guns versus magic, and end the war through a peaceful resolution? I do not own the book cover.

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101 chapters
Chapter 1 - I Became a Revolver in Another World
“W-What’s this? I can’t move my legs... my arms... I CAN’T LITERALLY MOVE AT ALL!!?” Hi, my name is Kuro Usagi. Whoever’s reading this, I just died and got myself reincarnated in another world. That answers your question about why I am panicking and want to move. You see, I got in an accident, and the truck rammed me over and… viola! Here I am. The memories of the past are still inside my brain. Pretty pathetic, huh? It is what it is, as they always say. Hmm…. Long story short, I am a 42-year-old man who has lived his life as a teacher in an unheard and forgotten school in the province, peacefully without having any problems besides money and grabbing myself a girlfriend. The kids I had in that classroom were around six or five, which was the same as their age. Having ten students to teach was a miracle in my hometown. That meant I was good at dealing with children. The pay was okay, but the fact I was giving out lessons with these children was the most fun part! Not until… the child
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Chapter 2 - Princess Chloe Fires her First Bullet!
[Princess Chloe is now your host!] [You have been equipped and ready for combat!] [Quest Complete: You have found a host!] [Reward: You have earned Elemental Bullet!] Those are the words registered on the windows popping up in front of me as soon as this princess holds me in her arms. Chloe’s hands are gentle. When she finally has me, Princess Chloe runs opposite from the pursuers and is now heading north. I go along with her since I don’t have any limbs. “Are you for real, mysterious… thing? I do not understand how you can help or communicate with me. My mother told me objects are inanimate and their life is absent. But you are quite different.” Ah, I see. This world doesn’t have any concepts of guns and other arsenals from my world. And if I were in Princess Chloe’s position as well, I would’ve freaked out and shouted the moment I heard any item talking to me. Well, it doesn’t matter. What’s important right now is to protect this princess from saving both of our lives. Moments
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Chapter 3 - Glock-18
[Congratulations! You have reached level 2!] [Quest Complete!: You have reached level 2 and killed a monster!] [Reward: You are now a Glock 18 - Semi-Automatic] ………………….. Finally, I have become a Glock-18. A faint light emerges from the princess’ hand, and I evolve into a more powerful pistol. My body has a silver paint covering around me and a few obsidian hues to add an aesthetic touch to it. A window emerges in front of me and tells me what kind of abilities I have upgraded. More importantly, my system has also added [Chloe Winfort] as a member of my party. She is the leader, and I am just a weapon. I don’t care anyway, considering I am just a tool for her to protect herself and my life. And because Princess Chloe is now on my side, she also levels up and levels up! …………………….. [Character Name]: {Kuro Usagi] [Species]: {Gun} [Type of Gun]: {Glock 18 - You can now switch to Semi-Auto or Automatic} - 19 bullets per magazine. - Bullets can be toggled to physical or magical. Th
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Chapter 4 - Bounty Hunter or...?
Princess Chloe is already getting the hang of it with the gun - with me. But… she still has a lot of miles away to trek and train, especially her aim. I am not flaming her for it. It’s just that… this is Princess Chloe’s first time wielding a gun, and I am no expert in these sorts of firearms or the like. But I know what it does and how it operates. My knowledge is limited. And that is demonstrated right after she hits the tree. Although Chloe has made a clear shot at the bronze bark, she has squandered a few bullets just to cut the tree down. And that is a problem. It only takes five shots or more just to cut that plant down, I think, or even less if she uses her wind ability or any other elements except if she uses a fire attribute. But that didn’t happen. All 19 shells are exhausted before that tree is taken down. The same applies when Princess Chloe hunts for rabbits. We need some food, so she gets out of the cave, bringing me with her. She finds one, thanks to my guidance and my
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Chapter 5 - Nowhere is Safe
“Chloe, aim your pistol at the merchant and do as I say,” I counsel, and whisper at Chloe, thinking this peddler might hear me, which he has.“B-But why, Kuro? My father told me merchants do not want to kill! They only want to help people by selling their stuff and focusing on flourishing their business! Even the mercenaries and the adventurers have never touched each other for a fight, not even once!”“I’m not saying your father is a liar, but listen to me now. Aim the gun at the merchant and repeat after me.”“B-But… He’s just a merchant!”“Looks can be deceiving, princess.”……_________Princess Chloe’s Perspective_________“Who are you, and what do you want?”Kuro, this gun I am aiming at the merchant, tells me to raise my guard. But father always tells me that these peddlers are not to be harmed, for they are not equipped to fight. However, since Kuro has saved my life, I would do as he says... If I think he has overstepped a line, I will stop. Until then, I shall hear him out.
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Chapter 6 - The Calm Before the Storm
We’ve earned around 1000 Credits just by selling the jewelry and dresses Chloe has with her. Since we don’t need such lavish ornaments around Chloe’s body, it is best to sell those things and make them our own pocket money. The two of us have no idea how the adventurer’s guild, the town, or the inn works.I also ask if Chloe is good with money, to which she replies to me with…. “Yes! My parents and I buy stuff from these lavish shops and then…” the story continues. I stop Chloe from resuming any further and ask if she has visited her hometown, far from the interior sides of her own castle.“Hmmmm. Not really. My parents said there were a lot of bad people who wanted us gone, so it was best to help those villagers from afar. So we never get the gist of what is happening in the market unless it is time to deal with the merchant’s guild.”Bingo! The main problem lies there. Chloe’s parents assume that the villagers never really care about them, but in fact, they need to have faith in the
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Chapter 7 - The Honeywood Town
“Chloe, this is your original identification card,” I utter, and show Chloe her personal details.[Name]: {Chloe Winfort][Species]: {Human}[Age]: {18-year-old}[Class]: {Princess} - Currently the host of the gun [Kuro Usagi][Level 25][Abilities:]- Elementalist - Chloe knows every element in the World of Kepler. However, her spells are only around F-Grade.…………..“Now, Chloe, your new name is imprinted on the adventurer’s card. This is to avoid any attention from bounty hunters and other people trying to ki... hunt you down.” I follow it up and present the fresh one created by the bounty hunter Rodrigo.[Name]: {Zoe Sunstone}[Species]: {Human}[Age]: {18-year-old}[Class]: {Adventurer] - Rank= -G[Level 25][Abilities:]- Elementalist - Zoe knows every element in the World of Kepler. However, her spells are only around F-Grade.……………………The adventurer’s card flashes before our eyes as I tell Chloe her new name. Although other details remain the same, there is information that is
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Chapter 8 - The Adventurer's Guild
Regardless, we resume our stride and end the topic right there as soon as we stop by in front of the adventurer’s guild. It is unlike any other. The only difference from the adventurer’s guild among its contenders of the building is that… this place has an inn, diner, and is closely built in the middle of the plaza, where anyone could see compared to other stores and businesses. Right next to the adventurer’s guild is the merchant’s firm, which controls the market and anything else revolving around money. When Chloe nuzzles the wooden slide and enters the adventurer’s guild, she is immediately welcomed by a woman - a staff from the guild; I guess - and is quickly taken to the reception bar. The place is filled with adventurers, I assume, sitting on the table and chugging their beers overflowing from their mugs. When we pass by, these adventurers steal a glance. I believe they are mesmerised by Chloe’s beauty, especially when she has cut her hair and painted it silver. But when these
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Chapter 9 (Bonus Chapter) - The Bounty Hunters
Bonus Chapter Third-Person Point of View ___________________________ Two peculiar individuals enter the radar of the adventurer’s guild, and that catches the attention of the Bounty Hunter’s leader. One is a woman with short hair painted in silver, and the other is unknown to the people living in Kepler. At first glance, the building is nothing more different from the ones stationed in every other village and town. But there is something cooking underground… literally. By the time these two individuals leave the adventurer’s guild in a hurry, a poster hovers near the entrance, reminding the receptionist about her task. The picture from the poster resembles quite closely the woman who has hurriedly exited the building. Anne A****n, who is currently working as a staff in Honeywood town and a roaming adventurer, is paid by someone from the higher-up for a specific job. She couldn’t say who hired her to kill someone. But the person behind the murderous intention belongs to none other t
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Chapter 10 - Towards the Eastern Republic!
Back to Princess Chloe’s Perspective____________________At once, Chloe exited the place and ran as far away as her little legs could, gripping me tightly in her hands. We have no idea about the time. But we know we’ve created a fair distance between the village and our origin, thinking we would be safe away from the town. I am the one who has suggested that, and I know someone or something would come after for us if we idle for more.The next thing we know, nighttime arrives, and the environment becomes pitch black. Multiple stars shine above our heads, and the moon, shaped like a square, hovers around us. It is odd but calming. Back in my world, moons, stars, and other planets are in the form of a sphere and others… figures. And none of them are shaped like a square.We are inside a forest yet again. Thankfully, no monsters reside in the area. Normally, these horrible forests like what we are in right now are the epitome of woe or death. As luck would have it, Chloe is still in one
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