“Are… Are you sure you want me to stay here?”

“Yep! Don’t worry, Mr… erm… Papa! While you’re still undergoing Lumine’s special medication, you can stay here in the camp,” Arii answered the worried Papa.

“But - But… What if this weapon will control me again? What if I go nuts again!?” Papa worriedly asked.

“Don’t worry, Sir. We’ll do everything we can to contain you if that happens,” Orixa answered. “While we’re still finding a way to remove that Scythe for you, we can assure you that you’ll be safe in our camp.”


“Uhm… Mr. Papa. We learned what happened to you and your family. We’re sincerely sorry for your loss. But, uhm… you know, our Little Tommy also lost his family. Maybe it may help both of you if you were to act as his father and take care of him,” Arii said.

Arii’s words put a smile on Papa’s face. “Su - sure! Where is he?” he answered.

“He’s inside his room. You want to visit him?” Orixa asked.

Papa nodded his head.

Moments later,

“Hey, Tom - Tom. Somebody wants to meet you,” Orixa said.

Papa walked towards Tommy who is silently curling on his bed.

“Hello, Little Boy. Uhm… you see… I also lost my family. My boys, my wife… all of them also died in this world. I would just like to ask… if you’ll accept me to take care of you. Is that fine with you?”

Tommy looked at Papa for a short minute. After that, surprisingly, Tommy hugged Papa and cried.

“You… You’re not scared of me?” Papa’s surprised reaction after Tommy embraced him. 

“I just miss my familyyyyy!” Tommy whined.

Papa hugged Tommy back.

“I’m glad that it turned out this way,” Arii whispered.

“Me too,” Orixa whispered back.

“Status report?” a familiar woman in a robe uttered.

“It looks like this batch has the highest population in the history of newcomers,” another robed woman answered.

“I agree,” a robed man carrying two axes in his waist uttered.

“Hey, Moglo. Can you please stop doing that while we’re in our discussion? It’s very weird,” the familiar woman said to the robed man.

“Sorry, Myr. But I can’t help it,” the robed man replied while licking his furry shoulder.

“Uhh… It must be really hard to be a beast human, huh?” Myr uttered.

“*purr* You said it,” Moglo answered. His Dire Wolf came and growled at him. “Hey! What’s wrong with you? You want some beef, huh?” Moglo uttered as he growled at the Dire Wolf. A fight breaks loose between the two of them.

“Why is he always fighting that big dog?” the other robed woman asked Myr.

“I guess it’s because of the genes of the animal merged into Moglo. I remember him saying that it was a cat,” Myr answered. “How about you Shalei? Noticed anything weird in your body after you’ve undergone the experiment?”

“Nothing much. Except for my ears, of course - and also my affinity to nature. I was designed to be an elf, so…”

Myr chuckled. “Yeah - Yeah… I get it.”

“What is this place we got into?”

A group of men arrived at the Rubbles of the Plain Settlement.

“Very sad… very sad… Very sad place,” a man, who seems to be the leader of the group, mumbled.

“Look, Governor! There’s a child over there!” another man said to the leader.

“Let’s go! That kid needs a hero to save him!” the leader declared.

The group of men approached the weak kid.

“Greetings, Little Boy! Your savior has come!” the leader announced.

“I’m… *cough* I’m hungry…” the child uttered with a weak voice.

“Worry not, child!” the leader exclaimed. Then, he spoke to a young man in his group. “David! Do your thing!”

“Yes, Father,” the young man answered with an unenergetic voice. His ring glowed and suddenly, a piece of bread magically appeared in his hand. The young man gave the bread to the child.

“Thank… Thank you… *cough*” The child gets the bread and eats it immediately.

Everyone cheered.

“You’re so great, Governor!”

“You’re the hope that this place needs!”

“Make this place great again, Governor!”

While the cheering continues, they haven’t noticed that their wristbands are already glowing.

“I - I don’t understand… You’re not Rose,” Aize uttered after seeing the woman. He looked at Tusha and asked, “Sasha? Is this really your mother?”

The woman answered, “Of course, I am her mother! And her name is Tusha!” She spoke to Tusha, “Darling, who is this man you brought here?”

“I don’t know… He said he’s my Papa,” Tusha answered the woman.

The players were puzzled.

“I don’t understand what’s happening. Who… Who is this woman? Why is Sasha calling her her mother? Where is Rose?”

Suddenly, a villager started screaming.


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