Chapter 33: Chances

Bingo moved closer to Mika’s group. Tension and fear filled the aura of Mika and her friends.

“But… before we start, I need you to form a horizontal line in front of me,” Bingo instructed.

Mika and her friends hesitated at first.

“Come on, do you want me to end this, or nah?” Bingo asked.

Without a choice, Mika and her friends formed a line in front of Bingo. In Bingo’s point of view, the order from right to left is as follows: Mario, Lumine, Virgo, Rigor, Raft, Mika, Frenz, and then Marco.

“Good-goooood!” Bingo expressed. “Now, let me explain the game we’re going to play.

The group nervously listened.

Bingo starts explaining. “You see this gun?” he asked while showing his special pistol. Then, he pointed his pistol upward and pulled the trigger 7

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