Montediore's Legacy: The Forgotten Son's Return

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Montediore's Legacy: The Forgotten Son's Return

By: Ayinne Eiram OngoingSystem

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In his final moments, he was given a chance to be back in the past by sacrificing his system. Clark promised himself that he would not let fate decide his future. … “Hey stop right there! Who are you? If you don’t have an appointment then you may leave” “Tell your master that I want to meet him” “Wait, Mister, Who are you?” “I am… Clark Montediore” His eyes glowed in the radiance of an amber. The mark of the Montediore. And that is how the missing child of Montediore came back. For his parents? For the love that he had for his family? For power? Of perhaps status? No, it is for something much more important than that.

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63 chapters
Chapter 1: I am Back
Death That is something you can’t hide from. The day will come when you will run out of time. And soon… you will finally take your last breath. “I guess, this is my end…” Looking at the cliff, Clark has no way to go. Monsters covered the whole area. From the deepest corner of the city to the hidden valleys in the forest. He knew that the world has come to an end. “As the last person on earth… I think I keep my promise to them… I manage to survive this far… isn’t it worth the applause?” 'But who would do that for me? When all of them... already left me behind?' Chuckling to himself, Clark laughed as he saw how the pitch-black strings are having their way to where he was. It was the Camradhar. [Ding] Surprised by the notification he got, it was from his system. A system he luckily got back then. The one that gives him the chance to manage to survive this far. [Do you want to have a reset? Yes or no?] “A reset? It is not as if I have anything to lose” Clicking the yes, he car
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Chapter 2: The Young Butler
Sitting in the room that the servants cleaned in just an hour, it may be cleaned in a hurry but no speck of dust can be seen lying across each corner. It was a good job for the servants indeed. But it was a result of the number of hands helping together to achieve that result. Such a big room left unattended for decades, it is surely a big rough cleaning that was made. “I am all good. You can leave. Thank you for your hard work” “May the light of joy fill your stay, Welcome back, young master!” Bowing their head, Clark was left alone in his room as soon as the door closed. “Hah…” He let out a deep sigh as he soon looks at the floor. What would you feel if you are once again left in a place that you hated? Would you be terrified? Or would you be overwhelmed? But… is that the same if you have no recollection of everything? That even your mind was wise enough to remove those fragments of memories you want to forget. ‘So this was my old room…’ Clenching his hands, he once again too
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Chapter 3: The Family of Montediore
“The result of the DNA will arrive tomorrow. But even so, I would like to thank each one of you that give some of your precious time to welcome my long-lost son” Standing as he holds a glass of ‘Montediore’s Luxx’ the most expensive wine that was named after their very own, Henry can’t hide the smile on his face. Margarett’s family as well as Julius’s are present. But one can notice how two seats were empty. The former seat of Ofiello Montediore and Mharijane Montediore. None dare claim that very seat as it holds something none of them can achieve. “Isn’t it a bit too sudden? Henry?” Calmly seating beside his wife, Julius mumbled as he dare not sound hostile in any bit. Julius Montediore, the eldest of Ofiello’s children. He is the first son he had with Mharijane. The one that faced hardship compared to the other two. After all, when Margarett was born, Montediore are already gaining money and power. “He is my son. What do you expect me to do then? Brother?” “Your son?” Ther
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Chapter 4: The Family of Montediore II
“Violin? Sure then” ‘Clark, remember… not all people hopes for your success. It is up to you if you would grant their wish to see you become a failure’‘But grandpa… what should I do then?’‘You are a wonderful kid, Clark. If it is you… you just have to give them what you’ve got. Right?’‘That’s all?’‘Yes, that is all it takes. Don’t belittle this old man who teaches you things. And most of all… do not belittles yourself’‘Yes! Grandpa is the best!’ A small smile hides in the corner of Clark’s lips. Seeing how confident Clark was, Miguel can’t help but be worried about the fact that Clark might really know how to play one. “On the other hand, Violin is a bit complicated for some. Only the gifted will be able to play such a thing. I think the piano would be fine too. Look, there is a piano sitting right on the corner. It is such a waste to not get that piano to be of use” ‘He quickly changes his thoughts. But is that a problem? Even if I lost my system, playing those is not a big
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Chapter 5: Wealth is Health
“I thought that he was just a fraud… but it turns out he really is that brat…” Annoyed by the fact that she learned, Margarett drinks another glass of wine in one go. Even though her husband told her to stop it since she had enough, just as what Anton thought, his wife won’t listen to him no matter what he says. “You are upset, I know that. But you are flooding the room with that scent. You know how I hate liquor” With a frown on his face, he continued to read the book he was holding. But that just made Margarett scowl. “Can’t you see how he is a hindrance in my plan? Ashton is twenty six already and yet he still can’t pass that damn challenge to be the heir?! When will that challenge start anyway?? I really can’t understand Father. That old man… he should just give it to my son!” “You are pushing him too much. Aren’t you being greedy? Isn’t your allowance and theirs more than enough?” Laughing at the response of her husband, Margarett slams the glass. Almost breaking it. But luc
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Chapter 6: Plans of the Wicked
Clark’s POV Born in a wealthy family, I don’t even know what the term family means to other people. For me it isn’t it just… a group of people who share the same blood? A mother, a father, and a child. That was it? But it seems like they are all wrong all this time. That isn’t a family at all. A family doesn’t need to share the same blood in order for it to be called as one. And in this life that I had, ever since I was a child, there is just one person whom I will recognize as my family. My mother who gave birth to me? No. My father who gave me that blood of Montediore? No. It is not them… It was… That kind old man who took care of me when I got lost. ‘What are you doing out here?’ His very face is still clear in my mind. That was the first time I saw someone look at me with that kind of eyes. Care… worries… not for themselves but… for… me. ‘I am thirsty…’ ‘You are thirsty?’ And when I asked for water, he gave me much more than that. The time I was hoping to receive from t
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Chapter 7: I Meet The Mad Bear Once Again
“Are you sure you are gonna leave already?” “Simon, I told you I have to do lots of things” Walking with Clark as he guided him out of the hospital, Simon thought that his visit to the Montediore would end just like that. But it seems like Clark’s plan changed. “You are not gonna stay here? How about Grandpa Holmet?” Clark looks back at him as he pats his shoulder. “You would be here for him, right?” “Yes, but… Grandpa Holmet would be glad if he know you are here” A small smile escapes his lips. But there was a strange look in his eyes as if… he was uncertain about something. It was the same eyes he had when they were a child… when Clark would do something he hates. “Will… will you be all right?” he added. Worried about his dear friend. “I can manage. Please take care of Grandpa for me” Nodding his head, Simon just let out a smile. ‘Simon, the very person that helps me stand up when my world shattered. He was there to wake me up, to help me keep going. Now that I remembe
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Chapter 8: A Step To My Plan
“What did you find?” “Sir, it is the report about Young Master Clark’s movements. And the name under the bill he paid is Holmet Quintelon. It seems like he was the one that take care of the young master” As Julius picks up the files given to him, he just waves his hand and that was enough for the man to understand that he is no longer needed. Leaving the room, Julius was left alone with files in his hands. “Holmet… Quintelon… where did I hear that name again?” Asking himself he finally let go of that thoughts as his eyes were now locked on the paper having Clark’s name. “And now you…” Chuckling a bit, Julius can’t help but remember the very words told to him by the lawyer of his father. ‘Even if you are the one managing his properties, that doesn’t mean you are his successor. Julius. Only someone worthy can get all of his wealth’ ‘Am I not worthy, Mortren?’ ‘No, you got me wrong, Julius. As much as I can say… you are more worthy than any of your siblings’ ‘Then why can’t you
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Chapter 9: A Step To My Plan II
Shaking as he put his glasses on position, Simon was surprised to see such big guys wearing a suit having their way to where Grandpa Holmet was. “Shanx, that is all you need to know” ‘Ho, aren’t I pulling this thing so fine? Wearing suits looks better than what I thought. I look like a real exclusive guard’ Looking at him, Shanx then notice Simon. “Ba, but… how will I know if you are saying the truth? I can’t just let you pass by!” With his hands trembling, he thought his life would end at that moment. To see scary looking guys like them, never once in Simon’s life. “Tch, what a nosy brat. Here, talk to him yourself to believe. The hospital is aware we are here too. We will just guard the old man that’s all” Dialing someone, it did not took much time for the other person to answer. But Simon almost make the phone fall on the ground as he was surprised when Shanx throw it at him. [Simon] “Cla, clark??! You… you really, them, you…” [Yes, they are a good friend of mine. Rest
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Chapter 10: The Eldest Son's Plan
“Clark, you arrived” Soon as he saw Clark, Shanx stood up from his seat. With a cigarette in his hand, he slightly opens his hands greeting Clark a welcome. “So someone is spying on my grandpa?” “Yeah, my people caught it” nodding his head, he was about to tell Clark how his people manage to get the spy they have with them. But the moment he saw the glare on Clark’s eyes, he can’t help but just keep his mouth shut. ‘Who dare spy on my grandpa? This fast? Surely, I sense something strange there. I should have been more cautious’ Eyes widening, no one dares look at him as he frowns. ‘Uhm… I am lucky I am his sworn brother. It is a good thing he needs us… ha… ha… wait, why am I scared of this guy? I am not scared of other gangs but… I would fight those bastards more willingly than fight this man. He is… frightening. A bit, yeah… as if he could kill a dragon in ease’ To his fantasies, Clark did fight a dragon before. He defeated that Dragon of Fortalia for a thousand Exp. A super hi
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