Chapter 8: Me Ther Nir Artume
The bunnies continued to grow until they reached the size of a fully grown human. Still, the sky continues to darken.

Later on, silhouettes of big flying creatures swirled in the sky. Their wings are large enough to cast big shadows on the ground.

“Aren’t those nighthawks?” one spectator asked.

“Yes, but they are abnormally ginormous,” another commented.

One of the giant nighthawks swooped from the air to capture a rabbit. Some of the players are fascinated to see the action.

Everything was fine until the other nighthawks also swooped from the sky one by one and started to attack randomly. They also started preying on the humans.

“Hey. Is this still normal?” Frenz worried.


“Help me!” a man shouted as he struggles to escape the claws of a nighthawk that was pinning him on the ground.

The giant hawk, then, pecked the man’s head and ripped it off from its body.

Everybody was shocked to see the horrifying scene.

“Hey, what’s going on?” a player whispered with a frighte
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