Reincarnated With Villain System

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Reincarnated With Villain System

By: TheMoon OngoingSystem

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Villains? What do you think of that word? Yes, Demon, Cruel, Evil, Cunning, Troublemaker, and many more... And always inferior to the Protagonist, who many people always adore for being a hero to kill Villains. Liang Xin only realized that he had reincarnated into his own body at a young age but in a different dimension. Not on Earth but in the Regabugile Dimension, a place filled with powerful cultivators from various clans and levels. Unfortunately, he became a Villain in that dimension and was chased by many Protagonists because he killed one of the Young Masters of a Famous Clan. "Indeed, my luck has never been good anywhere! Including in this Dimension!" But Liang Xin got full support from the system. [DING!] [Bound System has been activated] [Helping the Host to become a Villain SSS Level and be invincible] [Host Gets Special Gift]

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  • Unique Heart


    Haven't read it but sure I'll love it

    2024-04-07 22:03:11
  • TheMoon


    Holla Guys, Hope you like it My First Novel ......

    2022-12-02 20:25:42
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24 chapters
1. Reincarnated!
"Take care of yourself; I'll go home first!""Yup got it, be careful while driving; see you tomorrow." Liang Xin waved and saw his colleague's car disappearing from his sight before turning to go up to the top.Liang Xin is a 25-year-old man just returning from a dinner at night is very pleasant. Liang Xin drinks a lot of wine. He has worked as a bartender in a cafe for a long time. Now his steps staggered a little because he was half drunk.After returning home to shower and lie in bed, Liang Xin usually takes his cell phone and starts playing.This is a new cellphone, which he just bought, although a little disabled, its performance to be used is still very good, and its performance in all aspects exceeds famous mobile phones abroad.Touching his fingers on the cellphone screen, he flipped through the menu for a while, read the news briefly, clicked on some funny videos, giggled several times, and occasionally rolled on the bed like salted fish.Unconsciously, drunk and sleepy struc
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2. System!
A dazzling light flashed through his eyes, and Liang Xin raised his hand to cover his eyes. After getting used to it, he let go and saw a golden sun rising over the horizon in the distance. The sun shines on the river with the sparkle of the waves."It's dawn."He muttered, then froze. He's still on the beach because He spoke this sentence in a familiar and unfamiliar language."I've never studied this language, but I suddenly used it naturally, and I know that it is "Nigel," Ozareth's capital, the official language; he also has a slight "Rambugel" accent.A large number of memories appeared in his mind. These memories seem shattered, messy, and incomplete. Fortunately, the memories were no longer as painful as when he fainted.A few minutes later, Liang Xin let out a long breath.Now, he had understood that he had mysteriously crossed over to another world, and this wasn't Earth![DING!][The bound system has been activated][Special Gift received!][Points have been added!][Damage
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3. Cultivating!
"Hmmm, Indicate cultivation level," Liang Xin ordered.[DING!][Man][—][Mortal]. . [#D level][Purification of the Body 1-9][Qi Purification 1-9]. . [#C Level][Soul Purification 1-9][Spirit Realm 1-9]. . [#B Level][Earth Realm 1-9][Sky Realm 1-9]. . [#A Level][King Realm 1-9][Emperor Realm 1-9][Sage Realm 1-9]. . [#S Level][Immortals 1-9]. . [#SS Level][Half God]. . [#SSS Level][Gods 1-9]Liang Xin held his chin, watching the hologram screen in front of him."System, How to start cultivating instantly?" Liang Xin asked.[DING!][Host can consume Magic Pills which will instantly increase cultivation level and title]"Is it necessary to consume all the Pills to level up?" Liang Xin asked.[Not. The Host can only use Magic Pills for D Level][Whether the Host wants to buy Magic Pills to increase Cultivation for the price, 10 Magic Pills 100 Points][Yes / No?]Without thinking Liang Xin immediately said, "Yes."[10 Magic Pills to increase Cultivation hav
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4. Kill!
Liang Xin had been cultivating for three hours, and the activity stopped when the system gave out a piece of information.[DING!][Several individuals are approaching the Host][Host is advised to be on guard because some of the individuals carry a sharp weapons]Liang Xin opened his eyes, annoyed because his cultivation was disturbed by some Individuals who suddenly came.Outside the hut came four individuals aiming to find Liang Xin.BANG!BANG!"Open the Door; you must immediately pay the deposit you promised last week!" shouted one of the individuals while banging on the door.Liang Xin tried to calm down and walked to open the door."What is it?" Liang Xin asked when he saw an individual with a well-built body."It's time to deposit monthly taxes; you've been three months in arrears! And now you have to pay for it!" Said the burly Individual while glaring at Liang Xin.Liang Xin was silent and looked at three more individuals outside his hut."Hmmm, who are they?" inner Liang Xin
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5. Sword Technique!
SLASHED!Bugh![Successfully kills an individual with the eighth stage of the Body Refinement Stage, Reward 10 Points, Total Points 17,490]Hearing the notification reappear, Liang Xin smiled happily because he managed to kill one more individual who was bullying him."How can he use Sword and martial arts like that? Isn't he just an ordinary individual who is in debt?" Wang Shu couldn't believe that Liang Xin could use martial and Sword arts."Send additional bodyguards for Taugel beach! There's a small problem here!" Wang Shu said he had just phone connected with his eldest brother.After turning off his phone, Wang Shu glanced sharply at Liang Xin."It seems that you chose to die! I will show you the power of the Renowned Wang Family!" Said Wang Shu; his aura leaked out instantly and made Liang Xin look alert.Wang Shu took a shiny silver sword with a tiger's head carved on the hilt from an unseen place; of course, it surprised Liang Xin instantly."System, where did he take that s
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6. Fury!
Three cars parked near Taugel beach, Nigel City.A 23-year-old male got out of the car with a sharp gaze at the area around him. He was wearing neat black suit, showing that he is not ordinary."Immediately check the area around the beach; I'm sure they're there!" Wang Han said, commanding all of his bodyguards."Got it, Young Master," replied one of the bodyguards, mobilizing nearly fifteen members to inspect the area.Wang Han was the first Young Master of the Renowned Family of the Wang Clan. He comes from a wealthy family and owns twenty companies spread across various cities in the capital city of Ozareth. Of course, everyone knows him.Strong cultivators knew this Family not only from the common people but from all walks of life.Countless connections cooperated with the Wang Clan because it would reap extraordinary profits.It's no wonder the Young Master of the Wang Clan will always be escorted by several bodyguards with strong cultivators wherever he goes. At least a Cultivat
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7.The Big City!
After entering the city, Liang Xin's eyes were stunned when he saw several skyscrapers of various shapes.Nigel city is located in the northern part of the capital city of Ozareth, with a population of almost 150 thousand people. But dominating the city were cultivators from all walks of life.Cultivators from the lowest Clans to Cultivators from the highest Clans.The cultivation levels of the cultivators in Nigel City varied. Still, the highest and most frequently encountered were cultivators, with the first to the fifth stage of the Sky Realm, most of them always leading some organization.Even Nigel City has a special organization for cultivators whose job is eradicating villains.They are often called Hero Cultivators because they aim to make the city safe and under control.Their connections were vast, so finding a Villain didn't take a day; they could find one in a few hours.Liang Xin didn't know that he was currently the target of a contest rewarded with 10,000 Top Grade Spir
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8. Urban Cultivation World!
"Cultivation is so tiring! But with this, I can gradually live in this city!" Liang Xin said, encouraging himself."System, Have my Speed ​​and Agility increased?" Liang Xin asked.[DING!][Yes. But not much, just 5%, because the previous Host already opened many Profound Doors]"Huh? How can that be? Then how can I increase my speed and agility in battle again?" Liang Xin asked again.[With Host opening Profound Door again]"Ah," Liang Xin only realized when he saw the Profound Door writing on the hologram screen."The number of opened profound doors is 25 out of the 64 that resides within me." Liang Xin muttered while holding his chin.Then he looked towards the bottom row, the Profound Veins, and Meridians. Even Liang Xin still didn't know what all of that meant. Because all he knows is cultivating without understanding anything else on the hologram screen.Liang Xin thought for a moment. He thought about the so-called Cultivator. He didn't know anything about the cultivator world.
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9. Enemies!
"Time to party!" Inner Liang Xin then disappeared to an old building next to him.Two black-robed individuals frowned immediately when they saw Liang Xin suddenly hiding in an old building."Did the man deliberately tell us to come out?" Asked the first individual while narrowing his eyes toward where Liang Xin was."I do not know. But this is an opportunity. We have wasted a day hunting down this man," said the second individual."Fine. Let's go to the old building and then kill if there is a chance," said the first individual.They both moved quickly, darting towards the building."This is a chance! Let's kill the man here!" Said the second individual.The first individual felt something was wrong but still nodded his head.They both knew the whereabouts of Liang Xin and then tried to get closer secretly.After reaching a certain distance, the two immediately threw the silver needle that Was had wrapped with Qi, which made the needle unable to feel his presence.Liang Xin, who saw t
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10. Slaves!
"Is this your friend?" Liang Xin asked."No, we just happened to be on a mission together." Song Ji replied nervously. Liu Kang immediately plundered everything that belonged to his opponent. Liang Xin picked up the Space Ring lying beside the corpse."How much will this Space Ring sell for?" Liang Xin asked.[The Space Ring sells for 50 points. But the space ring has a lot of things in it]Liang Xin smiled broadly, knowing what he would do at this moment."How to wear this Space Ring?" Liang Xin asked curiously.[Host must channel Qi into Space Ring. Only Qi refinement cultivators above can do that]Liang Xin nodded his head in understanding since he was currently also at the Qi Refining stage, so it would be easy for him to wear the Spatial Ring."So, how about you?" Liang Xin asked and slowly walked over to Song Ji, who was still shaking from earlier."I beg you; I will do anything." That was all Song Ji was able to say."Anything?" Liang Xin asked in surprise, although he smiled
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