VENGEFUL CEO: A Contract With The Watcher

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VENGEFUL CEO: A Contract With The Watcher

By: Angel Grace OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Victor just wish to live his life in peace. However, life is just to cruel to him, as he live his life beaten and degrade all the time. At some point in his life, Victor will end up in the brink of death. As he reminisce the past, a voice out of nowhere spoke to him. "Who's there?" Victor yelled "You need not worry, I am a friend." The voice spoke much clearer and sounded like child. "Who are you?" He asked again. "I'm the Watcher…" "Watcher?" With the help of the Watcher, Victor will turn his life around. As he fulfil the wish of others, he'll discover secrets about his family which lead him no choice but to take action. Action in which a life may be at stake.


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I could feel my chest slowly breathing less as if it was about to stop. The sound of my bones inside were cracking from all the kicks and punches I've received earlier. I wish I could open my eye and see who the person right in front of me was, but I can barely keep them opened as the blood from my head drips all over my face. Even my fingers were barely able to move."I don't get it, why me? What did I do to deserve all of this, when I have barely anything? I'm so stupid, why am I even crying. Surely this can't be my life. There may be more to this..."As the man felt death was approaching him, he bitterly smile with regrets."This is it then, I'm really gonna die this time..."As his blurry vision soon turned pitch black, a distant voice echoed in the air.A few days before the incident."Alright, listen all of you. Remember to finish your project and hand it in before the end of this week. I won't be taking in any late project this time."As the professor said his final words. All
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"Why you..." Plates, mugs, and other ornaments started flying across the room as they shattered into millions of pieces. As the drunken man continued to throw the stuff throughout the room, he yelled and continued to be violent with the boy."You f*cking b*start, what the f*ck do you think you're doing?" "Victor, please listen to your father." The woman pleaded and cried as he tried to stop the man from hurting the boy. Her hair was all a mess and her face was covered in tears. Her tears were like rain drops, almost making a puddle on the ground. Victor cried and furiously responded as he could no longer control his emotion. "Mother, I told you for a hundred times, I don't have any money." The man pushed the woman aside as he grabbed the boy by the collar and punched him. "You piece of sh*t, do you think I'm messing around. Don't you dare lie to me?" With all his might, despite being drunk, he could hit Victor so violently that the boy looked like a piece of meat being butchered.
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While the group of future heirs headed to the cafeteria. Some of them were discussing their dissatisfaction with what they had encountered earlier. "Sophia, what were you doing with the trash?" "She right, I mean..." "Seriously, you shouldn't have stop me and beat him up." Angrily said by the man who was about to beat up Victor. He continue to complain with everyone as how annoyed he was for not beating the cr*p out of him. The woman ignored all of their comments as she didn't have any interest in what they had to say. "That enough," A man next to Sophia spoke as he looked at the girl, who seems not bothered by everything. He then glances at them, signaling to them of their plans for later. Meanwhile, Victor was passing rapidly through the campus and did not notice the people around him. Due to the event earlier, his heart was rapidly beating, recalling the sweet moment. How I wish to see that smile always. Thinking about the girl, his face turned cherry red. "Hey Victor." Am
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"Who's there?" "You need not fret, for I am a friend." The voice spoke much clearer and sounded almost like a child. Victor became even more curious of the owner of the voice and asked. "Who are you?""I'm the Watcher." "Watcher?" "How should I explain this. Well, I'm just like you. However, I been around for a long time. I see everything in this world, I also have the ability to control someone's time in this world." The voice continues to explain everything to Victor. "Sometimes, I help those who are lost and help them find their way. Those who linger because they feel like they've need more time, so I come to take them with me."Victor was speechless for a moment as he pondered on what the Watcher was saying. He soon realized this and replied in a depressing tone. "So you're saying I'm dead." "Yes, you are, and I'm sorry about that…" "So what's next?" Victor asked, as he now knows his time has come and since the Watcher is here, that means he must go with him as well. "Well,
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The sky was dark and loud, rain poured heavily that day. People were all gathered and dressed in black. Some had already given their respect and were heading home, while the rest waited for the young man who stood still in front of the grave. In the far distance, Amelia, Gramps, along with his son, watches as Victor stands in the rain blankly staring at his mother's grave stone. They all worried for him, for he hadn't shed a tear, or spoken a word since the day the officers visited him. "Should we go and check on him?" Amelia worriedly asked. Every day she visited him, and not a day were he tried to converse with him, but he wouldn't say a word. During her visit, Victor was lifeless and staring out the window. "Leave him be, he just need some time." Gramps answers as he sees how broken the child was. To their shock, they saw Victor drop to his knees and cry his heart out. He screamed for the first time in a long time. Seeing how much pain he was in, Amelia's eyes redden. "Mother,
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Victor The letter was addressed to him and was written by his mother. He wondered when his mother wrote him a letter and why hadn't she just told him about the content of the letter. A lot of things were bothering him; more importantly the identity of the man earlier concern him the most. He pulled out the letter inside and sat on the sofa as he read through the letter. Dear Victor, my dearest son. I've written this letter a thousand times and I thousand times how I wish I could just tell you everything. However, I didn't have the courage to tell you. If ever you do get to read this, it just means something happened to me and I was unable to tell you the truth. As the day passed by and you grew up into the man who I loved so dearly, not a day past, I worried that I couldn't give you the life you were supposed to have. What I'm about to say might be a great shock, but please be calm. I have loved you and protected you all this time from the truth, for I fear that once you know th
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Not even the word fancy could describe how amazing the hotel was. For it was as grand as those European castles you see in the movies. Almost every corner of the hotel looks like a piece of craftsmanship. The painting in the ceiling made the hotel worth millions as it looks like those expensive art works displayed in the museum. Victor was in awe as he enter and looked around for the reception desk. The fact that he was so amazed by the hotel's interior that he didn't notice the stares people were giving him. "Has the hotel lost its standard." "Why did they just let someone like him inside?" "Maybe he's here to apply for a job."?"Even cleaning one's toilet in this hotel need a college degree."Everyone felt the same as they started complaining to the staff. However, Victor was not even able to walk to the reception when the guards stopped him. He just stood still near the entrance and finally realized all the stares directed at him. "Young man, if you're not a guest at this hot
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"Well, before we discuss anything further, shouldn't you take a shower and change first." Nicholas chuckled slightly, seeing that the boy was far too interested in his parents' past; that he had forgotten how he looked."Oh?" Victor had indeed forgotten how he was dressed and his face turned red in embarrassment. "Is it...""Follow the servants, they'll take you to your room." He replied as he instructed the elder butler to escort the young man.Victor headed to his room and was still unable to grasp the situation. In just a blink, his life had changed drastically. However, in exchange it was the lives of the people he cherished the most."So, are you happy now?"Victor looked around, wondering where the voice came from. He went to check outside his door, but no one was around."Seems like you have already forgotten me?""Watcher?""Hmm, how are you kid?"Victor was greatly surprised to realize that his dreams weren't a dream. However, he notice something different about the Watcher's
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Early the next day…The sun had not yet even risen when Victor was already wide awake and staring blankly at the ceiling. He didn't even have any proper sleep because he found it hard to sleep in such a soft bed. "How do one sleep in such a soft bed?" 'They can just.'"Watcher, you're awake." Only the sound of the child's laughter echoed all over the room. "Perhaps I said…" "I never would have expected you to greet me. Very well, good morning as well." "So, you don't rest?" Victor embarrassedly asked as he was curious whether Watcher does rest or not. "I do, rest but I don't think I've ever slept at all. If I had, it must have been a long time already.""Watcher, what are you? Will I ever see you someday?" "You will, but now is not the time." Victor has always been curious about the Watcher's identity. The fact he could change his voice to whom ever he desires made him fascinated by him. "Apart from changing your voice, can you do other stuff?""Other stuff? What do you mean
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A woman dressed in a white dress walked out with a black blazer on her shoulder. She wore a bright pair of red heels, and her make-up was done so simple, yet she looked stunning. "Anyways, I'm pretty right boy? Wouldn't you want a guardian like me?" KO approached Victor who was still shocked and unable to grasp her new look. She went to his side as he gave him a big embrace. "Ah, who would have thought that guy would have a handsome son like you. If I just knew his genes were this good, I would have taken some for keepers."Nicholas coughed as he found the situation very unsuitable for the young man. He feared that the boy might get the wrong idea concerning his father. "Don't worry, she's just joking around.""What joke? I'm serious, I want him as my son. Should I just adopt him?" She said so eagerly as she continued to lovingly embrace the child. "That's enough."Nicholas could no longer handle the situation as he grabbed the woman away from the young man. He was so annoyed that hi
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