The next day, everyone is just hectic. Because today is the 14th of February, and it’s Vincent’s birthday. Luckily, he was still asleep after spending so much power yesterday. His friends also came, Olivia, Francine and then the Philips twins. They helped with the preparation. Vincent will now turn 18, and thus actually the first time after 10 years that Vincent will celebrate his birthday here with them. The thing is, it’s already afternoon and Vincent is still not awake. That boy doesn’t even know that it’s actually his birthday today. Victor arrived with his family that he will introduce to Vincent later, he also brought a whole roasted pig. Everyone is here, except for Ben, Ronald, Alvin, Angelica and then Anne. After what it seems to be days of sleeping, Vincent woke up and stood up his bed. He grabbed a towel and immediately went to take a shower. He changed his clothes into his normal ones and then he went down. Hearing that Vincent is

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