A day has passed, and it is finally the assembly day. Everyone is now getting ready. The Miles Household will wear all black suits today as it is the color, they are most associated with. Half of the siblings are now in the front doorstep and was waiting for the others. The siblings are still not talking to each other, but some of them are. Like Vincent, Sophia, Anne, and Angela. And the ones that are now finished dressing up and is waiting for the others were Angela, Sophia, Victor, Ben, Ronald, and Angelica. And that includes their father and stepmother. Finally, Anne, Violet, Angelica, Alvin, Romeo and Diana arrived. Vincent wears this all-black suit, and his shoes were black. He was wearing his glasses which also black, and his hair was neatly fixed, but he still looked like someone who is not to be messed with. And now that everyone is here, they then went in their respective cars. 13 cars were parked outside and was waiting for them. Jameson ordered his children to ride on the

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