After seeing his friend pass away, Vincent covered his friend and then he stormed out of the clinic and went straight to the Council Building. Jonathan has now finished investigating the library, and has now gathered the corpses that has a total of a hundred and six dead bodies. He put it in front of the library and covered it with blankets brought by his secretary. Some of the ones inside the library are just unconscious, and he is thinking that Vincent may used that as evidence that he did all of this as part of the justifiable killings. He killed people for self-defense and justice. However, him initiating justice is very wrong. Heroes aren’t supposed to kill. But Jonathan understands it as Vincent only did this out of self-defense. But still, killing a hundred criminals is just something that cannot be tolerated. And then, he heard an explosion, a very loud and strong one. He looked back and then saw smoke coming from the direction of the Council Building.


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