Three days have passed and Vincent finally woke up. He’s been deep asleep for three straight days and he finally rose from his bed. Vincent stood up and went to his room. He noticed immediately that he wasn’t steaming nor red nor has heat around his body, he’s back to normal and it’s good since he wants to experience the normal stamina and strength of his. Because he slept for three days, he felt extreme hunger. Once he arrived at his room, he changed into a white shirt and boxers. He decided to wear these clothes since it’s just 2 in the morning and everyone must be sleeping right now. But the thing is, Vincent felt hot and he immediately broke into sweat as he heads to the kitchen to cook something so he can eat. And as he was cooking, the heat of the food he was cooking just increased his sweat, and he is now soaked in his own sweat. As he finished cooking and was about to put the food onto plates, he suddenly heard footsteps that is approaching him.

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