“An alliance, huh? Okay, we will here you out.” Says the blonde girl as the others lowered their weapons and deactivated their powers.

But Vincent wasn’t letting his guard down, he is tightening his senses so that he is very alert if one of these people attacked them. He then explained to them his offer on why did he want to form this alliance. Since alliances happen when two parties are having the same goal, and fortunately, all of them has it, and it is to get to the finish line and defeat Emmanuel if needed. And Vincent assured them that Emmanuel and the others are now waiting for all of them. The blonde girl pointed out that Vincent might be their main target so she asked on why should they let themselves be dragged into this mess. Vincent then explained to her that they are targeting him but that doesn’t man that they’ll not attack any other teams that would attempt to cross the finis line. Because if Vincent’s intuition is co

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