After pinning and calming Vincent down, the mysterious man left. Michael let go of Vincent’s arm which he locked between his legs, and then Abraham removed his knee from Vincent’s head.

“Are you calmed down?” Michael asked.

Vincent who just realized what he has shown, nodded. Abraham and Michael then helped him up,

“Oh, I’m sorry, Abra-”

“You just got too fired up. Now, let me tell you the training you have to do in a month.” Says Abraham then told Vincent everything.

Since he has no normal battle senses, Vincent will only have 1 training instead of 2. And that’s to train his skin hardening. And because he managed to impress Abraham, he added another training. And that’s the swordsmanship training. The skin hardening training will be done in 3 weeks, while the swordsmanship will only have a week. And at the end of Vincent’s training with swords, he is

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