With him being so impressed by what Vincent showed. Abraham took 5 hard blows onto his sword and it eventually was split into two. The Baton-Style is a sword technique which the user of it holds his sword in its guard and hold it upside down. Then it must be held firmly and is supposed to be pressed against the user’s forearm. And the way to attack with is to swing your arm like you are elbowing someone. The blade is supposed to hit the opponent. And it somehow makes the user a bit stealthy and will absolutely improve the person’s movements. And that’s what is happening right now. Vincent got a little faster, but just like earlier, his overall form is a mess.

“Impressive move, it can’t be attained by someone who has only trained for a few years. It requires decades of training. But you still have to practice your movements first!” says Abraham as he was blocking Vincent’s attacks.

Vincent has the power and the aggressi

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