The next morning, the two went up and go their way to the east. Since they chose to stay the night because of exhaustion, it is already morning. But the thing is, it is morning, yes, but the surroundings was just dark enough to be considered as night. The two walked their way, and as they walk, they just have their guards up. Kendrick on the other hand is clearly struggling to keep his guard up due to the pain of his injury. He caught a fever last night and his injuries are just in unimaginable pain because of the coldness of the surroundings. Kendrick fees like being stabbed multiple times, and the blade have pain enhancers. In any case, he forced himself and will not let Sylvester know about this.

Meanwhile, the battle at the east is now over, swordsmen and women are now resting after defeating almost all the demons inside, but some escaped and went into hiding. However, even though it is already finished, the other superiors are not letting anyone to go away as an attack is very po
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