End of the Exam 2

After the announcement ended, I left the hall with Hannah.

Out there, Euan was waiting.

“How was it?”

With a smile, he looked at his daughter.

“I passed.”

“This is my girl.”

Seeing them hugging each other like that, I decided to leave them for the time being.

‘Let’s leave the father and daughter duo to themselves. Once school starts, they won’t be seeing each other for months.’

Thinking that, I started walking away.

“Darius, where are you going?”

“I will see you later.”

Waving my hands to Hannah’s question, I left the place and started walking towards my room.

‘Now, what to do?’

Since the time was basically around noon, there was nothing to do anyway.

‘Should I train again?’

Thinking that, I started looking at the newly admitted students trying to find their way to dorms.

Nowadays, I feel like I am becoming more and more of a training maniac, though it is necessary for my survival.

Since everyone got their watches from the academy for the entrance exam, which was the one I got after t
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