Villain Wants to See the End of the Game

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Villain Wants to See the End of the Game

By: YTY OngoingFantasy

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What is the role of those third-rate villains in games or novels? I asked this question to myself quite a number of times. They don't have major screen time, but some of them have a huge effect on the storyline. And, if one of them hadn't played their role correctly, what would happen to the storyline? It seems like I am going to answer those questions since I became the third-rate villain in an RPG game. ------------------------------0----------------------------------- Chapter length 1000-2000 words.

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  • Jordy M


    it's entertaining so far, excited to see how the story progresses.

    2023-07-01 08:32:56
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95 chapters
Rise of The Fallen
For people in the modern world, how much free time do you have? I don’t really have much free time left from studying in college and doing part-time jobs, and because of that, I have decided to stop playing basketball. However, it would be very depressing if I didn’t have any hobbies; of course, I still have some. I love playing video games, especially RPG ones. Because you don’t need to commit yourself fully to one game in order to become a better player, like in online games, I have found peace while exploring the RPG game worlds. Last Friday, while returning from my part-time job at the convenience store, a commercial advertising a new RPG game called ‘Rise of the Fallen’ caught my interest. In the first place, I have been searching for a new RPG game for quite an amount time, and that’s why I bought it immediately. After arriving home, I started playing the game while eating my dinner. Because it was a one-week holiday from college, I didn’t see any reason not to start. Me? I a
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When I woke up, there was an unfamiliar sensation all around my body. I remember that I finished the game Rise of the Fallen yesterday. However, I don’t remember doing some heavy activities that would result in this kind of heavy tiredness all over my body. After stabilizing myself and getting rid of the drowsiness, I found a chance to observe my surroundings clearly. Well, it seems like I am still dreaming or something like that because the ceiling, the room, the bed, the furniture, and all my surroundings are strange to me. I don't think I have ever been in a place like that in my entire life. In the first place, even though I was not very rich, I was not that poor to live in a room that showed clear signs of falling apart and had, at most, 10 m2 of space. The lighting of the room is very weak; it is like I am in some sort of basement. And what is with this messiness? There are trashes everywhere; how can a person even live there? I swear the person who brought me to this pla
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Darius Nightborne
I must say, I am impressed. Although this guy has not had much money in his account, it is still a pretty good amount for an orphan like him. It is just that he didn’t want to spend too much money on a room he would stay at most two weeks; thus, this room is that bad. Yes, he doesn’t have parents. Darius was found on a stormy night in front of Purple Rose Orphanage. The Nanny on the night watch heard him crying and decided to check if anyone was in front of the door. After that, she found him and decided to bring him in. At that time, there was pair of earrings in his hands, which had Darius writing on them. And after several calls to officials, they let her register him in the orphanage. The manager and nanny decided to name him Darius Nightborne. The name Darius comes from the earrings. His surname is Nightborne because he was found in the middle of a stormy night and has black eyes like an abyss. His childhood is expected in a sense if you exclude the bullying he had to go thr
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Preperations 1
Is it really helpful to wake up early in the morning? Most people don’t like waking up early, and originally, Darius was not an early-morning person either. However, that was not the case for me, and now I am in control of his body. This is changed; it is like we are the same but not the same at the same time. When I say ‘status’ in my mind, the status windows open in front of me. Status Strength – G- Agility – G Constitution – G-- Intelligence – G Mana – G Traits ??? Perfectionist Sociopathic Behavior Observer Calm Mind Talents Arithmetic – Mastery %32 Geometric Eyesight – Mastery %29 Foresight – Mastery % 12 ???? ??? Skills Dash – Common grade Increases speed to double the base amount for 5 seconds Cooldown: 30 seconds Hawkeye- Rare grade Increases the range of the sight proportional to the corresponding mana input Maximum increase of the range and usage time are related to the user’s mana level. Cooldown: Double amount of the usage duration Quest (Press
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Preperations 2
When I entered, the first thing I noticed was that it was well-maintained with a professional impression; it was nowhere close to the fictional ones with drunk adventurers brawling and swearing at each other. This is not a tavern, so it is expected, I guess.At the receptionist’s desk, there is a beautiful lady. She has long black hair, red eyes, slender figure with no disturbing portions. Her name is Cassandra. However, it seems she worked overnight, and she is showing signs of insomnia as well. She was also working at another job, which is related to the blacksmith, because of the calluses in her hands. She also has a boyfriend whom she flirted with not too long ago, which I can understand from the act of trying to cover the hickeys in her neck.It seems the trait observer on effect. Anyway, it is not good to stare at someone you don’t know for too long, and it seems she was a bit uncomfortable as well.“Hello, how may I help you, sir?” she asked with a slightly tired voice.“Good m
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How would you feel if you were going to a place where you could lose your life at any moment? Most of you probably feel anxious, but for some reason, I feel very excited. It is probably because I am going to feel the atmosphere of the game in real life. Right now, we are on the borderline between the Raikan Kingdom and the Republic of Cynthia. In this world, there are two continents. However, the existence of the second continent is kept secret. The first continent has five countries, each occupying one cardinal direction. In the south, there is the Raikan Kingdom. The Raikan Kingdom is the least strong one of the human countries. It is ruled by King Nicolas Banks. There are two duke households in Raikan Kingdom. Its capital is called Clomery City, which is the place where Purple Rose Orphanage resides. In the game, as Percy, we could adventure in this place freely because of the lack of power in the administration. The Raikan Kingdom does not have a strong standing on the cont
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After I stepped into the wilderness, I could see that there were several other people who wanted to start early as well. Because this place is close to the entrance point, there aren’t many dangerous monsters around here. Some of the merchants turned this place into some sort of safe point and sold some potions, maps of the terrain, tents, food, etc. “Wow, a merchant can sell everywhere, I guess.” I muttered. ‘Now, firstly, I need to find a good place to ambush and position myself.’ I thought. Because, in the first place, without the element of surprise and range advantage, being a ranger is useless. ‘If I remember correctly, in the outer region of this area, there are white-horned rabbits, and red wolves reside.’ ‘It will be tough to aim them accurately once they are aware of my existence, so I need to land my first shot.’ I thought, and with that, I started to delve into the wilderness. My talent [Foresight] is very helpful in combat. Because when Darius was getting beaten
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Wilderness 2
How would you answer if I asked you what is the most problematic trait of the wolves?It is their strong territoriality. In the first place, wolves are one of the most dangerous predators on earth, not because they are the strongest. If we talk about the physical strength of wolves, they are below tigers, bears, lions, etc.However, their strength lies in their numbers and their strong sense of vengeance. If you kill one of their kin, they will record your smell and hunt you to death.Well, aside from their magical evolution, most of the Red Wolves’ traits are the same as the ones on earth.And, right now, in my front, there are 3 Red Wolves showing signs of attacking.“Grrr,” “Grrr” “Grrr”‘It seems like avoiding combat will be impossible; then it would be best if I attack first.’ With that thought, I immediately started to act.I drew my bow almost instantly. Nocking a smoke and fire arrow at the same time will affect their sense of smell, hearing, and sight at the same time, which
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Alpha Red Wolf
What strategy would you use if you were trying to escape? In most cases, you need to have a good understanding of your environment to use some of the possible places you can access to slow down your pursuers. In my case, this place would be a narrow slit with a 4.7 meters width. Because of its small width, there can be, at most, two wolves attacking me from behind. And I still have one explosive arrow left in my bag, which I can use to make the hill collapse on the wolves. With that in mind, I started to use my every bit of muscle to reach that place as fast as possible. Because my body has G-- constitution, it would be impossible to maintain this kind of speed for a very long time. And there is also the injury in my back which hurts quite a lot too. After parrying and evading for 15 minutes, I finally managed to reach the slit and immediately fired another smoke arrow at its entrance. I have constantly been using [Dash], and because of that, I don’t have much mana left. I can,
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How would you feel if the last thing before you lost consciousness was your fall?It feels like you know you are in danger, but you can’t do anything about it except embrace the helplessness.When I woke up, it felt like I had done a full day of military training. Every muscle in my body was in pain and screaming for me to rest.However, I can’t afford to rest right now. I don’t know where I fell and how deep this place is.Also, it doesn’t seem like I was injured from the fall; however, my clothes are all wet. It looks like I fell into some sort of underground water source.Well, it is good, nevertheless. Because water absorbed the impact of my fall, I didn’t have any injuries. Moreover, this place is warm, which makes the possibility of hypothermia very low.The injuries from my previous fight have also healed completely; it looks like I slept for at least three hours.Then, I started to observe my surroundings.It seems I am in some sort of a cave. The ceiling is 10.7 meters high,
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