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An overachieving Vera aspires to achieve success in Atlantic City, but her dreams hinge on marrying someone. She enters a three-year contract marriage with Ivan, who harbors a powerful secret. Unbeknownst to Vera, Ivan shields her from various threats to her life and even posing as an anonymous Angel investor to save her company from bankruptcy. When their contract expires, Ivan resumes his responsibilities to lead a secret organization, seeking vengeance for a past war that shattered the group and claimed his lover's life. Meanwhile, Vera becomes entangled in the murder of her rival, Steve Anderson, which was orchestrated by Ivan. Simultaneously, a visually impaired girl discovers her importance to the "new gods” — a treacherous faction responsible for the war. As these events unfold, the characters' destinies intertwine, leading to a compelling story of power, secrets, and retribution.

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Chapter 1
Somewhere in a large mansion with ornate architecture and interior design, located somewhere in the heart of the city of Atlanta, Ivan was seated in a chair, clicking a retractable pen repeatedly as he stared at the paperwork on the table for passing minutes. His eyes ran through the letters back and forth so many times in few seconds like he was hoping to getting other meanings from what he had read. The cluster of letters plastered on the white paper read a divorce agreement, with a long line at the bottom left for him to scribble his signature on. Opposite him sat the pretty lady whom had placed the divorce agreement in front of him and whom he was about to end things with - Vera, a lady with a bold red lipstick, which created a beautiful contrast on lips against her shining porcelain skin and her royal blue dress. Young but with wrinkles that had crept to the sides of her eyes, indicating she was getting towards the age of mid life crisis, and skin care products couldn’t hide th
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Chapter 2
Vera sprawled herself on the couch, staring at a large portrait of her hanging on the wall, using her eyes to trace the details of her face. Her eyes found the eye bags that her make up tried hard to conceal; she then used her fingers to touch the eye bags on her own face. Her eyes explored the portrait again and found the little lines of wrinkles that had crept to the side of her folded eye lids as a result of stretch of her wide smile. She felt her face to know if those were wrinkles from her smile or from ageing. The 35 year old lass sighed.Her face again caught the part of her face where she found a strand of hair jutting out from under her chin. Consequently, she ran her fingers on her chin to find where the premature hair stuck out. She found it and improvised her red painted nails as tweezers.A call came in as she struggled to uproot the shrub of hair. She made a frustrated grunt as she saw the interrupting call and grudgingly stretched her hands to pick her phone from the ta
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Chapter 3
Still at that same bar, when everyone had run for their lives, Artemis and Ivan entered a place behind the backstage that led down a dark hallway. They moved through the darkness until Artemis moved before Ivan to open a door to a dimly lit room where some men have special sessions with some strippers. Artemis didn’t stop her movement as she walked towards a wall. She went through it and disappeared. Ivan went after her. They found themselves in a place where some people sat in a circle like a cult meeting. A place where ordinary humans couldn’t access except they were part of the sect that was in that room. The choice of the colour of lights gave the atmosphere a gloomy one. The room contained the most top secret organisation in the world and all its members were the most powerful beings on earth. The members were gods and the sect was called All gods. Ivan was their head, whom they called the All-father.The members bowed as Ivan walked into their midst to sit in a chair that sto
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Chapter 4
Hermes drove into the street where Steve’s birthday party was located. He watched in his dark shades through his side mirrors unsuspectingly as the wealthiest people in the city arrived at the venue. He came down from his car and walked towards the venue like he was part of the guests.The guards stopped him as soon as he reached the front and asked for his invitation card. Hermes reached into the pocket located at his chest area and presented it to the men. The real owner of the card was bundled in the booth of his car. The men let him in. Ivan’s hit-man took leisurely steps in a way nobody could suspect him till he got to the elevator. He pressed the buttons that he knew would take him to the top floor of the high rise, where the party was. Hermes walked into the lively but chill music. The kind of music that was typical of wealthy people parties where they only served only wines and miniature foods that barely filled their stomach.Hermes took a glass of wine from a tray that o
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Chapter 5
Vera stared at the cryptic message for minutes, searching through her past and present for the relevance of the message to any particular event in her life. She found nothing.She didn’t know if the person was a secret admirer or just someone returning a favour for a good deed she didn’t remember. She didn’t even know if the anonymous angel investor was male or female but she was some percent sure that it was a male.She stared at the cheque and the message on the envelope that she spread on her sparkling glass table; the handwritings in both were different. The anonymous person had meticulously planned it that she wouldn’t be to find him. In the past, she had tried to track the names written on each of the cheques given but it had never been successful. What had never changed was the lemon-coloured envelope with flowery designs at the corner of the envelope and the words, “Your anonymous angel investor” written in a cursive handwriting with a pen. “At least let me say thank you,” V
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Chapter 6
Vera sighed and looked around warily, taking in the suspicious looks of the few remaining guests, some with tears and pity in their eyes but with unmistakable underlying suspicion."Please lead the way," Vera said, turning her attention back to the detective, she cast a quick glance at her mother with a reassuring nod.Catherine stifled a sob and sniffed instead, understanding the nod her daughter gave. She knew undoubtedly that her daughter wasn't guilty. Vera could be anything, anything at all stubborn, strict, and even defiant, but not a murderer.She was just angry that Vera left a few minutes before Steve's body was found lifeless in his room in what seemed to be a suicide, and considering the fact that her daughter and Steve didn't see eye to eye, which wasn't a secret, made her even more of a major suspectYes, she somewhat hated Steve and his guts, but not to the extent of having his blood on her hands, she had no reason to.Vera followed the detective briskly making sure to n
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Chapter 7
The car came to a screeching halt in front of the police station, Vera exhaled a distressed sigh, trying to recall the last time she saw this building. It’s been ages. She couldn’t quite recall her last visit, that’s how long ago it was.The officers stepped out first, slamming the door shut, the male officer turned to hold the door for her.“Ma’am” he mumbled and glanced at her without further words, and Vera took that as her cue to exit the car.She stepped out feet first and grunted a little as she reached for her purse, stepping out and aside for the officer to shut the door.Vera let out a sigh of relief, grateful that she could finally leave the confines of that awfully smelling car, wondering how the officers could cope with it all day. She slowly moved her head from side to side as she once again could breathe in the fresh air.The male officer led the way this time while the female followed close behind, boring holes in the back of Vera’s head with her eyes, she could feel it
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Chapter 8
Vera got the same stares and attention as she did when she came in earlier, if not more, she could feel eyes on her back as she walked away, gracefully swaying her hips in the most natural yet alluring manner, this time more confident than the last, her head held high, shoulders squared and arms swinging in just about the right angle.She stepped out of the station into the slightly darkened evening taking in the scenery when she heard her name, from that very unmistakable high-pitched voice which was her mother's “Vera darling” her mother called again, in a somewhat singsong manner, a thing that mothers do she'd come to find out.“Mother” she called back, walking to meet her already almost running mother halfway.Catherine was delighted to see her daughter, she'd come in earlier and was told Vera was being questioned and would be out soon. And those forty-five minutes she'd waited seemed like ages.They met each other halfway, each with outstretched arms ready to envelop the other i
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Chapter 9
Sara sat still, she could feel his gaze on her face. One of the things that came with being blind was heightened senses.They would probably be in some kind of staring contest if she could see.Ares leaned from the desk and walked back to his seat silently with his head bowed in thought. He sat on his chair, which swiveled a little from side to side as he adjusted himself on it.“Can I at least know why I’m here?” Sara asked, clearly tired of being pushed and led but not spoken to.“No one has said anything to me, or even tried explaining,” she complained further.“Calm down,” Ares said, he could sense she was slowly getting worked up and that was the last thing he wanted right now. “There’s so much to explain, we can’t do it all at once, It’ll take time and patience” he paused for effect, keeping an eye on her to get her every reaction.“How long will it take? I’m slowly running out of patience” Her voice quivered a little on the last word.“May I ask you a question?” “I guess” she
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Chapter 10
Ivan stared at the television, completely shocked at what he saw, Hermès increased the volume and they listened “…the 27-year-old millionaire CEO was taken in by the police for questioning over the death of her counterpart, Late Mr. Steve Anderson. Guests from the party reported to have seen Miss Vera leave the building hurriedly a few minutes before the deceased body was found by his mother in his room. He was believed to have been shot himself in what seemed like suicide…” the report droned on.“Turn it off” Ivan yelled, not waiting to hear the reporter finish.He bent over with his elbows in his knee and his face in his palms, he had to think fast. The very thought of Vera being in that position was unsettling for him.He knew how badly this would influence Vera, not just her company but her reputation. He had lived with her long enough to know that aside from her mother, her company was the one thing she cherished and cared about.Furthermore, he was enraged as to why he didn’t s
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