The days after the nightmarish night, Edgar and Fabby had seen quite many things that they’d never even imagined were possible.

After they escaped Uvajed, they had to roam the streets and eat spoils. Mornings were rough, but they were nothing compared to the nights when beggars and orphans fought for sleeping spots on the street. But that wasn’t all. The night patrol officers targeted children, especially male children and snatched them away for the night. Fabby and Edgar were on constant run for many days and nights without stopping, hiding at various places. The sad reality struck them very hard.

The people who were supposed to protect them were so cruel in their ways that these siblings spent every minute shivering. Even though they crossed different villages and towns, the officers that targeted boys at night didn’t change. In fact, they came to know that most patrol officers who get posted during the nights were those interested in boys and generally abused them for years. Be it
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