She couldn’t believe her ears. (This has to be a dream.) She thought and pinched herself. But nothing changed.

“However, I’m not sure if things go so well,” he kept talking. “You used to be the most beautiful woman in the town, but who’d have thought that in just two years, you’d have turned into a pig? There’s no way he’s going to like you now. But if you slim down in a year or two, then you can still—”

“Pravash, stop. This isn’t funny at all.” She bit the inside of her cheek, trying to cope with all the unpleasantness developing.

“That’s why…” he put his hand on her shoulder, “I think it’s better to let Fabby do the job.”

She was absolutely stunned to hear that and kept staring at him in stunned silence.

“If it’s her, then we might even be paid in extra—”


“Enough!” she punched him in the chest, taking him by surprise. “Don’t say another word, or I might kill—” Just then her eyes enlarged. “Y-Your heart…”

“Tch, you realized it…” he grabbed her throat. “But you think you can kil
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