Highschool crush

Mr. Alvarez walked into the elevator after discussing with the doctor. He still couldn't understand how Edward was able to get such amount of money to settle his wife's hospital bill.

The Edward he knew was a common security guard who barely makes $100 amonth,and yet,he was able to psy a bill of $500,000.

After so many thinking,Mr. Alvarez concluded that Edward was apart of a gang.

Edward beinh apart of a gang would explain the whole thing since the gang members are paid nothing less than $10,000 dollars every night.

And since someone visited Edward's home few days ago,gave him the impression that Edward was now apart of a gang.

'Why did you choose to go down this path,Ed?.' Mr. Alvarez pondered,leaning his back on the elevator wall as he got taken down.


Mr. Alvarezphond began to make buzzing sound. Slipping his hand into his pocket,he brought out his phone to answer the call.

"Jordan?" Mr. Alvarez spoke after answering the call. Jordan is Mr. Alvarez partner at work.

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