Attacking the West gate government

Attacking the west gate government Episode 4

King Moses was very happy to know that all the detectives were all back without any casualties on the screen he was able to see the Alpha assembling soldiers he called rock, Liam, and Jack to see what was going on they realized that they were planning an attack but they didn't know where were they going to invade.

"Are they coming to invade us?" King Moses said.

"I don't think so I think they are suspecting the west gate government that they are the one who attacked them and took their guns," Jack said.

Alpha assembled his mighty soldiers the choppers hovered around the East gate city in readiness to attack the west gate government without their knowledge.

"I am sending you for a revenge mission to west gate government use scotch earth policy don't leave any stone unturned," Alpha said.

"Yes sir" the soldiers interjected.

Solo moved in front to address them.

"I don't want laxity, soldiers I count on you you have to siege the west gat government if possible kill anyone in sight make sure you bring back our guns, and also make sure you bring the beautiful ladies here no mistake" Solo roared 

Joshua and Jane heard what Alpha was planning they knew who took the guns but they had to keep secret what they know if they discovered that it was them who were traitors they are going to be treated as enemies and killed Jane rushed to Joshua she was frightened and so fearful Joshua saw her rushing he knew that Jane was worried about her son.

"Jane my daughter welcome," Joshua said.

"I am very nervous about everything my son is in danger," Jane said.

"Please the soldiers are here and the matter is very sensitive do you want us to die?" Joshua said.

"The soldiers are all around us please let's go inside and talk," Joshua said.

They rushed inside the house the militants were going round maintaining security and checking those who could sneak into the city others went around the houses to check if there were intruders in the house they went around all the city families to check as other soldiers prepared to attack the West gate government, there was a knock at the door Joshua rushed and opened militant rushed in to check if there were intruders but they found no intruder they found Joshua and Jane his daughter.

"If you find any intruder around inform the soldiers around you but make sure you are not the one conspiring with our enemies you will die a painful death," the militant said.

"Okay sir" Jane and Joshua responded in fear.

The soldiers went Jane extremely fearful looked at Joshua.

"Father I have a bad feeling about all this why can my son leave the mission my Jack is in danger, "Jane said fearfully.

"My daughter's situation here is getting worse every night every day we've lost our livelihood women are raped people die as a result of the Alpha billionaire mafia's leadership people have lost jobs we've lost our oil field children are not going to school anymore you too are in danger anytime I can lose you, my daughter, just lea leaves alone to save our great city from the ruthless Mafia now they are going to fight West gate government the innocent government in the west I just pray for them," Joshua said sadly.

The soldiers were ready to go to attack the west gate government they were given ammunition to go to war Solo rushed to the armory to make sure that the soldiers were given guns and bombs others boarded the military carriers and the militant at the gate opened the gates for them and they set off for the journey to west gate government, at the wear gate government the soldiers were clueless on what is going to unfold they thought everything was okay they saw the choppers hovering around the west gate government boundaries Raphael their president became nervous and called his general Stephen, Stephen rushed to his office and saluted.

"Sit down I have a bad feeling about these choppers I think they are buying time for the soldiers to arrive and once they arrive they are going to ambush us," Raphael said.

Stephen rushed to the aerial cameras and checked he saw many soldiers approaching almost ten kilometers to their camp he pressed the siren and the soldiers rushed to the armory to pick up the ammunition

"We are under attack move children and old people out of the west gate into the mountains to a save place soldiers are on their way to attack our government," Stephen said.

The soldiers cooperated and they transferred children women and old people to the mountain to hide the soldiers got prepared though they were not well equipped militarily others took cover.

"Make sure you save it's not possible for us to fight them they are mighty militarily all of us let's disappear to the mountain but before let's wait for the choppers to move away not to spot our locations," Stephen said.

The choppers went back to check where the soldiers have reached and that became an opportunity for the people and the soldiers to disappear into the mountains and no one was left Stephen and their leader was the last to flee into the mountains Alpha's soldiers arrived the one in the choppers used the binoculars to see if there was anyone they saw nothing the ground militant got ready to fight pointing guns at the West gate government but there was no sign of any person there they entered into the west gate they saw that people were there but no one they went into the armory and removed all the ammunition and the food in the stores and took them to the east gate city

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