The Veracity Behind the Reality

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The Veracity Behind the Reality

By: Amber Shaw OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Cover not mine. Credits goes to the owner One fine morning, Bryan woke up in the hospital all alone with no memory of who he was. Being left all alone made him feel a little uncomfortable, but thanks to fate, he was met with a girl who claimed to know him. Since Bryan had no memory of his own he decided to listen to his heart and trust this young woman and live peacefully till he recovers his memory but fate seemed to have other plans since the unknown demons of Bryan's past have come to haunt him and the worst part is that Bryan does not remember anything, so how will he face the problems which came to disturb his peaceful life?

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Chapter 1
The night was dark, as dark as the abyss.The ground seemed ready to swallow the feet which ran on it.The trees and the bushes were like a barrier and slowed down his speed as he ran and ran.His body was drenched with sweat, his eyes had tears and his body had bruises.He could see a light coming from the front, and his heartbeat quickened once he saw that. He ran even faster and eventually came in front of a house.A house engulfed in flames of forest spreading its heat to the man who felt burned and his heart crushed.He collapsed to the ground once he saw the flames and started crying bitterly.After crying for some time, he got up and took out his phone and was about to call someone and in this state of Frenzy,  the man didn't hear the footsteps from behind him since his ears were occupied by the burning flames.But he felt.He felt immense pain in his body and blood oozed out of his shoulder.He was sh
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Chapter 2.
"You are my what?" Bryan asked, with wide eyes."Girl- Friend, G-I-R-L...""Stop, I got it," Bryan said while Ashley slowly came in his direction and sat down on the stool placed beside Bryan's bed." don't remember anything?"Bryan sighed, "No I do and I am just pretending to forget everything because I am mad and I am enjoying it."Ashley chuckled."Why are you chuckling didn't you say I am your boyfriend, shouldn't you be sad that I am in this condition?"Ashley stopped chuckling but still, there was a small smile on her face and her eyes were glittering, which for some reason made Bryan's heart skip a beat."I am sad that you are in this condition, but more than that I am glad that you are alive," Ashley said with a smiling and earnest expression.Bryan cleared his throat and said, "Okay so tell me something about me.""Oh yeah, so your name is Bryan and you are my boyfriend, and you are 29 about to
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Chapter 3.
"What happened to him Doc?" Ashley asked as she sat in front of the doctor. The doctor who was Ashley's old friend sighed, "Ashley, there is a head injury on his head and the memory loss is the side effect." "Any idea when will his memory come back" "Can't say. It should be back in a few days because the head injury is not serious." Ashley nodded. "I got it. Thanks for the help, Jason." "Anytime." Jason smiled and watched Ashley go before sighing and laying back in his seat. "So he lost his memory, huh?" another person asked, making Ashley halt. "Yes, he did." Ashley looked at the ground. Her face had no expression but still, her fists were clenched in her jaws were gritted. The other woman looked down as well. "How do you feel?" Ashley shook her head, "I don't know Summer, all I know is that he is with me, in front of me, and even if he does not remember me it's fine as long as he smiles at me, as long as he ta
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Chapter 4.
Bryan was speechless as he stared at Ashley, who was sitting quietly on the stool beside Bryan's bed.Bryan cleared his throat. "Didn't you say that you will create fresh memories with me?"Ashley looked at Bryan.Bryan continues, "So if you are going to make fresh memories with me, then you can also make me fall in love with you again, right? Unless you get bored with me and abandon me? I mean, who would like to stay with me who has no memory of his past?"Ashley smiled again. "You are still you."Whatever that was supposed to mean, Bryan didn't know, but all he knew was that Ashley finally smiled and she didn't look depressed anymore.Ashley got up from her place. "Do you want to do something?""Do what?""Aren't you bored or something?""I am. There is nothing I can do with this injured body...Did the doctor tell you how many days I have to stay here?""Four to five days."Bryan sighed and laid back on t
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Chapter 5.
Ashley slowly closed the laptop when she noticed Bryan Was asleep. She gently got down from the bed, making sure not to disturb Bryan."Is he asleep?" Jason asked once he came inside the room and glanced at Bryan."Yeah, he is.""That's okay...I am just here to check his blood pressure and all.""Go ahead.""Hmm...everything seems to be normal, for now” "That's great." Ashley said,” tell me about his schedule. I will take care of it.""Ashley, there are nurses...""I know, but please, I want to take care of him and it's only for four to five days, right?"Jason nodded and tapped Ashley's shoulder. "you have to take care of yourself as well..."Ashley glanced at Jason and nodded. "I know."Jason looked at Bryan With an unreadable expression, "Ashley...""Yes..." Ashley said.Jason glanced at Bryan's sleeping face and then at Ashley, who stood with clenched fists staring at the
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Chapter 6.
"What were you thinking going out there all alone? Have you gone mad?""Maybe I have," Bryan said as he leaned back on his bed."Bryan I am already pissed. Please don't test my patience.""Ashley, can my injury cause me to hallucinate as well?"Ashley was quiet for a moment before speaking again. "I don't know, I'll ask your doctor."Ashley sat on the edge of Bryan's bed. "What happened there?"Bryan Looked at Ashley and told her everything. He thought that Ashley will laugh at him or dismiss this matter. He was sure that Ashley will not believe him but to his surprise, Ashley just nodded in the end."It's late, and you have been through a lot, you should go back to sleep now.""Wait!" Brian Said and grabbed Ashley's hand, "Do you believe me?"Ashley took Bryan's hand into her own and said while looking into his eyes, "Of course I do, I believe that you saw something there but now you tell me do you believe that it was y
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Chapter 7.
"Wow, I feel so refreshed now. Thanks for the help, Ashley," Bryan said as he sat on his bed shirtless. He was only wearing his pants."Now wear your shirt," Ashley said as she helped Bryan to wear his shirt."I'll get your breakfast and then you need your medicine."Bryan smiled and stared at Ashley, who at first didn't seem to mind but after some time she asked, "What?""Aren't you tired?" Bryan asked quietly. "You have been constantly taking care of me, and not even once I have seen you taking a rest."Ashley smiled gently, "because I don't rest in front of you.""The dark circles under your eyes say something else."Ashley sighed, "They are nothing, it's just I have a lot of work nowadays so...""And on top of that, you have me, a burden."Ashley sat beside Bryan. "You are a precious burden. No one takes care of a burden as I do. If you were really trouble, I wouldn't have been here with you.""I am glad you a
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Chapter 8
Constant murmurs were invading his ears, disturbing his peaceful sleep.When Bryan came to his senses, he was lying on the bed. His head was in pain and so was his shoulder. With pain, he tried to open his eyes and saw Ashley's blurry figure. It seemed like she was talking to someone, but Bryan couldn't see anyone else in the room."Hmm..." a painful groan escaped his mouth, which made Ashley turn to him instantly."Bryan! Are you okay? How do you feel?""Terrible." Bryan replied in a rough voice, "Can I have some water?""Sure," Ashley quickly poured water for Bryan, which he drank in one go, " Are you mad Bryan? What were you thinking? When did I say rest? Then why weren't you resting?"Do you have any idea how dangerous it would be if something happened to you? Why do you have to do something opposite of what I tell you to do?" Ashley finally exploded. She was shaking and her eyes were red as well.Bryan stared at Ashley with a bla
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Chapter 9.
"A necro...what?""A necromancer...basically you are the opposite of me.""How?"I exorcise spirits that send them to the afterlife, netherworld, a necromancer, on the other hand, summons spirits and souls, to communicate with them.""Wow, that's cool."Ashley shook her head. "Cool? let me remind you that you cannot use your abilities yet and you would be killed by now if I wasn't there besides do you think it's easy to be a necromancer?""What abilities do I have other than summoning a ghost?"Ashley drank some water before replying, "The stronger a necromancer is, the stronger is his ability. He can control the spirits and use them as weapons and the strongest necromancer can bring back someone from the dead.""Really?""Don't let that get to your head. Only the strongest of the strongest necromancers can do, on the other hand, don't even remember your name."Bryan leaned on the bed, "Well, that sucks
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Chapter 10
 "Finally, I am discharged today," Bryan said as he stretched his free uninjured hand in the air and took a deep breath."Yes, finally you are discharged today." Ashley sighed as well, feeling as happy as Bryan. "Now let's go home.""Home? you say.""Yes, home. Our home."The two sat in Ashley's car, with Ashley in the driver's seat and Bryan in the passenger seat. "So where is your home?""It's situated on the outskirts of the city.""That must be far.""It is far. So enjoy the ride."Bryan did as he was told. He peeked outside and enjoyed the. ride, soon they reached Ashley's, house which was situated in a remote area.It was a beautiful two-story brown building, surrounded by greenery and silence."Wow, you live in a nice place." Bryan said and took a deep breath. "it's such a quiet and beautiful place."Ashley smiled slightly and came back with the luggage, "glad you liked it,
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