the End of Time

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the End of Time

By: Limitless_boss OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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A sudden Zombie outbreak started all over the world. And one thing is for sure, the man that started this outbreak only wants someone to come back. Eva is a Demon Hunter and a part-time detective who thinks she knows the person that started the outbreak and she will do anything in the name of her brother, Ace. "I need to stop the b*stard that started this". She can travel from the underworld and the real world in an instant. She witnesses how her mother died and also wants to take revenge. Will they give the enemy what he wants or fight to till the end?. But when they thought it was their only enemy, they're wrong, when the king of the underworld also wants her to be dead. Will she know her brother's secret? Will they survive in a world full of half-dead people that only wants to eat them alive? Will they be able to find her secret that she and her brother only knows?

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13 chapters
Chapter 1: The Beginning
Eva's PoV***"Eva, I'm going out," my brother yelled, adjusting his shirt before looking at me."And where are you going at this hour?" I inquired, and he laughed at my actions before providing me with answers."Something urgent happened in the office and I need to go because I'm the boss," he reasoned, scratching the back of his neck."Office at this hour? Really? I know when you're lying," I said, rolling my eyes, knowing his actions when he's lying."You know me very well, we'll see each other after a while," he said, patting my head."I'm going to miss you," I said as I hugged him, knowing we wouldn't see each other for a long time."Me too, don't stay up through the night," he said, kissing my head."Take care and don't talk to any strange things around at this hour," I said, and he began to walk away while waving goodbye.When I shut the door, a message appeared on my laptop.I looked at it, and it appears that some kind of mutation is occurring in humans and that once humans ha
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Chapter 2: The Stalker and Save Friends
"No! I-I'm not! I'm not infected!" He answered and showed me his arms and neck "Please keep me! I don't know what to do! I need to stay alive" he begged and get on his knees "Fine, get up! And keep your mouth shut. I don't want to attract any zombies" I said and kept walking going to block 10 "I'm Sly by the way" he suddenly introduced himself and I take a glance at him before giving him my name "Eva," I simply answered and I saw him smile a bit When I arrived there, I kept ringing the doorbell but no one seems inside the house to answer. I waited for some time until I heard some loud noises and I immediately give a signal to Sly that we need to hide. We hide on the set of a big bush. "She's been here somewhere," I very low monstrous voice said and I take a peek and saw a bloody creature walking away "Demons" I whispered and looked at Sly looking horrified "Wha-what is that?" He asked and he looks like he was about to cry My phone vibrated and I immediately answered it. "E
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Chapter 3: Encounter with a Demon
"Are you sure? It's okay?" Finn asked and I nod "You guys know them, you have my trust that they will never do something that can lead us to death. This coaster van is also big, It can fit us all" I said and I can tell they were smiling "Aze can you ask them their headcount?" I asked Aze and he nod After some minutes Aze gives me an answer. "They're 10, We know 5 of them but Raze said there's a group of girls that asked them if they can tag along, he said the girls didn't take 'no' for an answer, " Aze said and I can't help but to roll my eyes knowing there will be some pick me girls that will tag along "Stay here, call me when you think there's something wrong," I prepare my gun and head out I entered the subway and while checking every sign of any zombies around, I felt my phone vibrates. Before I can look at my phone, A strong shadow-like creature picks me up and throw me at one of the train cars. "F*ck!" I groaned since my face hits a pole Before I could react again it att
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Chapter 4: The Accident and The Convenience Store
"Slow down!" Jax yelled followed by Red's voice"Watch out!" Red yelled and then the coaster hit somethingI hit the breaks and stand up."Stay here," I said and prepare myself before heading outI take a look at the surroundings and look under the coaster. There are two zombies under the coaster. I noticed that there is a mysterious car and I can't help but take a look through the windows.Suddenly someone tapped my shoulders."Let's go back, there's a group of zombies heading in our way," Red said and I nodWe were about to go back to the coaster but then the car's door suddenly opened up and someone pulled my clothes."Watch out!" Raze yelled and he pulled me beside himThe second thing I heard is a sword cutting flesh. I bring out my gun and shot down as many zombies as I can. Suddenly the exhaustion I keep ignoring earlier really came back big time. My knees felt weak my whole body trembled and I felt cold.I want to take a break but I need to help them. Before I knew it Raze and
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Chapter 5: Sinister Smile
It was already afternoon when we arrive at the biggest market in the country but it was closed. There was no padlock on the metal gate and the only possibility to get in is by entering a decoded number."Let me do it" John suddenly said and I step asideAfter just 2 minutes, The metal gate was opened and we all get inside. We check every alley in the store before gathering at the entrance."I need you to gather everything here, I'll be back before dawn. All of you will help especially the girls. No special treatment. Everyone will help" I announced and when I was about to get out 2 arms hold both of my wrists"I'll come with you" Red and Raze said in unisonMy thoughts keep on saying 'Okay this is awkward'"No need, It will be better if you both are here to help them. Right?" I said and look at the others hoping someone will get my point"I think we already have enough hands to handle it" John answered and I have no choice but to let these two come with me"Fine! Shot whoever looks su
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Chapter 6: The ATV, The Members and The Violent Demon
We found the ATV in the old abandoned school parking lot and it was covered with a big cloth with the logo of my brother's business. Red and Raze helped me remove the cover and it reveals a bus that is brand new. A laser started scanning me and it scanned my whole body.'Scanning complete, Welcome Lady Eva'"Citi Open the door" I ordered and it automatically open the doorI smiled, It's a voice command that my brother and I can only operate unless we give others access to give a command to Citi which is a long process. We set it up with a few sentences so that there won't be any problem commanding it."You two will go in first," I said and gestured for them to go in "I'll be back in a minute. Citi Close door"They will not suffocate in the ATV since Citi knows that there's a human inside. It has a thermal scanner that indicates that there's a human inside. I take a stroll to the scariest-looking room and the first thing that I saw was 3 men sleeping soundly."Ehem..." Trying to wake t
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Chapter 7: The Sudden Call
Third Person PoV***"I suggest you guys start to put everything on the second floor of the bus and let them do their work. We can't stay long here or else everyone will be endangered too" Rocco added and everyone immediately follow except the girls"Nice acting, making all the men worry. So attention seeker" Elizabeth whispered but Red heard it"I suggest keeping your mouth shut if you don't even know what's happening," Red said and look at them seriouslyJust in time, after they finish putting everything inside the bus Zeke and Ash came back carrying Eva with blood dripping all over her.They all entered the ATV and they take their seats on the sofa while Eva's body was laid on the carpet."Will she be okay?" Aze asked and look at Eva worried visible in his eyes"She will be fine but we can't move until she wakes up," Ash said and they nodSuddenly the ATV door closes on its own and a tv monitor showed up and it shows Ace Blood, Eva's older brother."What happened to my sister?! Red?
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Chapter 8: About the Demon Killers
"Here's the thing. I encountered a demon earlier in the subway station, I think they want me dead cause that's one of them said like-" I stopped mid-sentence and take a gulp before continuing "Like my Mo-mom. I don't know why they want me dead but for sure there is a reason other than that." I said and look at them"Now that you're in danger, we need to be more careful," Rocco said and the others nodded"When is the time that my life wasn't put in danger?" I asked in a sarcastic tone"Eva, you need us and we need you to continue this group. We're the only ones who can easily kill and stop demons from their wrongdoings" Zeke said and I nod"They stopped their wrongdoings for now but they will not stop that easily, I feel like there's more on it," I said feeling uneasy"Don't worry. We're strong and we'll fight until we die. We are better than those demons remember?" I said and they smiled at me"I think we need to tell them now what we are," Ash said and they looked at me"You serious
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Chapter 9: Their Lies
"Dude, it won't even budge," John said and everyone tried to take it they even tried taking it in groups "The weapons we use as a demon killer are passed by generations and it's a weapon that stars only decides who will have it," I said and get my dagger from where I left it "See? As I said no one can take the weapons so easily" I said and smiled innocently It looks like they're still absorbing what we said earlier. A long silence passed by and I'm getting more exhausted and more exhausted. "Citi permanently activate armor mode," I said and the bus started to change its exterior color and change the sides with some spikes 'Armor mode activated permanently' the bus voice command said "Excuse me... I- I'm going to take a pee. Where can I find the Toilet and Bath?" Maxine asked "There's a Toilet and Bath on each floor, it's always the door before the staircase " I answered "Citi heavy tinted windows permanently" I commanded and the bus change the color of the windows "Heavily tint
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Chapter 10: A Hint or A Nightmare
"You're fine now," Ash said calmly while walking down the stairs "Yeah... You know me" I answered and he take the seat next to me "Your body's fine now, though your bruises won't fade that easily," He said and check my face "Is it that so bad?" I asked and look at the window since it's heavy tinted it can show some reflection "Don't worry you're still beautiful though," He said and ruffled my hair "Did you already take your antidote?" He asked "Yeah cause if I didn't we all know what would happen" I answered and he look down "I'm sorry..." he suddenly said "You will not be in this situation... if you didn't save me" he added and I smiled "It's fine, look what it brought us... A friendship that will last" I said and stand up "You better sleep, it's not always every day that we'll be able to sleep tight," I said and walk upstairs I go back to my bed and go back to sleep... "Eva... Eva..." Someone keeps calling my name "Who's there?!" I answered back though I can't see anything
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