West gate government celebrating

The west gate government forces returned after a fierce fight with casualties they took injured soldiers to the military hospital and other soldiers were reinforced in the border to avoid ambush from the East gate city Mafia the werewolves kingdom realized that the west gate government has got a stable force to protect its territory against any aggression Raphael the West gate government ruler called for a great celebration while the East gate city and dynasty kingdom were shocked how they lost the battle king Albert flew to the East gate city to meet the Alpha mafia billionaire to discuss what happened his jet landed at East gate city Alpha mafia billionaire rushed to welcomed him.

"Your Highness you are welcome" Alpha billionaire said.

"What is the meaning of this why have we lost the battle what happened?" King Albert asked.

"I don't know why but I thought the west gate government was weak but I have realized that they are currently very strong", the Mafia billionaire said.

"I told you that before I gave them ten million dollars to buy ammunition I didn't know that they are going to be our enemies," King Albert said.

Werewolves kingdom detective were at the top of the mountain following what was transpiring between the two leaders they followed as they discussed Jack saw Becky seated on the balcony he wished to rescue her but it was not possible the two leaders continued to talk.

"What is the way forward?" King Albert asked.

Alpha the billionaire thought.

"Before we continue I have a shocking story the beast from the jungle took some of the ammunition while our soldiers were retreating," the Mafia billionaire said.

King Alpha was shocked.

"What!" Alpha mafia billionaire interjected.

"That is strange is that true or it was a dream?" King Albert said.

"Our soldiers followed shoot at then but it was too late," Alpha said.

"So that means the beast from the jungle is supporting the west gate government?" King Albert asked.

"I guess so but it's hard to tell because if they were supporting them they could have actively participated in the war" Alpha responded.

King Albert thought hard but it wasn't imaginable.

"I think I should seek support from the Rift dynasties I know they are going to help us to fight the west gate government we need to take over their gold mines no matter what" King Albert asserted.

We desperately need the reinforcements as soon as possible" the Mafia billionaire replied.

"I thinking should call them right away," king Albert said.

As they prepare to call Solo the general was very shocked to lose the battle he looked around the city he realized that most of his soldiers were killed he was wondering how to replace them the werewolves kingdom realized how the two leaders were planning to invade again the west gate government by calling for Rift dynasties for the support they knew how strong was the Rift Dynasties they became nervous King Albert called the Rift dynasties leader and he received the call.

"King Albert Calling," he said

"King James speaking how can I help you my highness," he said.

"You are the leader of the association of the Rift dynasties I am calling for military support from all the association of the Rift dynasties," King Albert said.

"I hope you know the condition for the military support from the Rift dynasties?" He asked.

"Please your Highness explain further" king Albert said.

"The war we engage we must have benefited most especially if the war is fighting for the resources like gold or valuable gases that is the priority we are going to support you and give us the gold mine in return"  king James said.

King Albert looked at each other with the Mafia billionaire.

"Yes we are fighting for the gold and the gold is without impurities we need your forces as soon as possible" King Albert said.

"We shall come and assess the situations with all members of  Rift dynasty kingdoms," king James said

"Sir when are you coming?" King Albert asked.

We are going to be on a flight today by evening we are going land on your East gate city and immediately conduct the meeting" King James said

"Bear in mind that we need the sample of the gold to ascertain if it's valuable" king James said

"Welcome your Highness we are waiting for the sample to be available,"  king Albert said.

The Werewolf's kingdom heard everything that they discussed they rushed down the mountain to plan the next move

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