The Crimsons (House of Mafias)

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The Crimsons (House of Mafias)

By: odianosendennis OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Shaun, the youngest of the Crimson's mafia, which is the strongest mafia in America, has always thought that life was all about ladies, parties and his family's mafia. But he later started to unravel the secret behind the Crimson family which he find hard to believe. And before the secrets started spilling, Lily, a female spy from the Camillo's mafia, the strongest mafia in Italy, came to spy on them. Will he be able to accept the shocking secret of the family as he battle with his IED? Will the Crimsons be able to accept their fate after the fierce war between the Crimson's mafia and the Camillo's mafia is fought? What will happen when the identity of Lily is exposed? Will her knight is shinning armor be able to protect her?

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Chapter 1 (Operation)
Shaun Crimson's POVIt was already 6:00 PM, and the urge of going to the fifth operation for this week, was still very persistent in my mind. I wouldn't have spared a second to think it over, if it was to be before the last one I went. But now, I have been thinking it over for about two hours now.All thanks to the female COP that got my last operation busted.I had been lying on my bed very close to the extreme, as my feet were still on the ground, while my face was staring at the ceiling, thinking of a way to come to a final conclusion. If only my ceiling would just stop staring back at me and provide me with a solution, I would have already been out of my room and started the operation. And maybe by tomorrow, I could even open a ceiling company as a compensation. But ceilings just don't talk and mine didn't make a difference. What should I do?Cast a lot.I smirked as this thought popped into my head, which made me to quickly shoot up from my bed and roved my eyes around my
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Chapter 2 (Disregarding precaution)
Shaun Crimson's POVThe moment sirens were heard, the client and his boys quickly rushed to their Jeep Wrangler, while Harry shot me a screw-you glare and I nodded.I just screwed up for the second time. But hell knew that I wasn't going to let this slide, as I pulled out one of my pistol from my waist holster."What in the Crimson's name, are you planning to do, Shaun?" Harry eyes opened in bafflement." It's as clear as DStv, bro! I'm planning to take one cop down" I replied." We don't fight back at the cop or don't you remember?" Harry said as he cocked his double barrel.Hypocrite." Then what are you trying to do?" I smirked."To distract them of course. Now stop asking questions and take your ass to that car" he commanded." But... " I was about to say something but he didn't give me a breathing space."No but. Just do it!" His voice deepened."I'm not going to do it!" My brows furrowed as my gun aimed towards the direction of the entrance." Suspects on sight" we heard one of
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Chapter 3 (Who did it?)
Shaun Crimson's POVThe excitement of what is to come was too much that I couldn't relax in my room anymore. I quickly changed into another black outfit, ready to go out for a party, and took the Bugatti centodieci's key that was on top of my table.Not going to take chances, I took one of my pistol and tucked it behind me, in my trouser. Then I went out and hopped into my Bugatti centodieci. After ten minutes' drive, I got to the Lord's club, which belongs to Jayson. When I got out of the car, the usual happened. Everyone kept hailing me for no reason.Could it be, because I'm Jayson's brother?No. Maybe because I'm too hot.I walked inside the club and hot chicks were everywhere, busy dancing to the DJ's throbbing music. I went to the bartender and requested for a little bourbon, which she was about to give me before I got obstructed by a random chick. Her blonde hair color, complimented her fair skin just the way her beauty matched her hour-glass figure. "Are you up for some danc
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Chapter 4 (leaving his territory)
Shaun Crimson's POV" Welcome Capi" Jayson's men saluted him, Harry and I, as we walked into the warehouse.(Bosses)" Where's the shooter?!" Jayson asked one of his men.He led us to where the skinny battered boy who could possibly be in his early twenties, was lying on the damp floor of the mini prison. Jayson squatted beside him."Are you the shooter?" He inquired and the boy replied with a smirk.I scoffed when I saw the disgusting smirk. " Who sent you guys?" Jayson asked him and he remained mute."You seem tough and I will play along." Jayson said as he was still squatting beside the boy.The boy just gave that bold look. I bet he never knew what was to befall him. He just got promoted to the death chamber. "Have some fun with him" Jayson straightened his suit as he stood up, referring to the torture king. I smirked when I heard that sentence because the torture king is me. Since I already know how to get the cat that bit the boy's tongue, out, I went out of the cell and ret
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Chapter 5 (Gunshot?)
Shaun Crimson's POVNothing fun happened when Jayson drove us home. The workaholic just went into his office to do some works. Even in dire situation, he chose to work. A CEO working like a maid in his own companies.I keep on advising him to enjoy himself as he's young, then tell the story when he gets old, but it falls on deaf ears. He just won't heed to my advice. I went into my room and got ready for some party then I visited Harry's."Are you up for some party?" I inquired."No. I will be going to the shooting range" I got to persuade you."Why don't you go out clubbing for today?" I said, persuasively." No man. I prefer to shoot guns"Drop the guns and hold some ladies, man. Why must you always prove that you don't like girls.Harry finished dressing up and took his Maserati MC20's key, on the table."You don't really need that, bro. I can give you a lift, you know" I lied." No Shaun! I know what you're planning to do." " What do you mean?" I faked the curious expressi
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Chapter 6 (who is she?)
Shaun Crimson's POV I anticipated Jayson's reaction as he strode towards me. He gripped my hands which almost made me to yell at him, telling him that the keys to my cars were inside. Then he held my arms and took his hands upward to my shoulders. It wasn't like he was trying to request for my keys. It was definitely more than that because, concerns took over his facial expression. It immediately occurred to me that he was checking me out. "Where were you shot?" Concerns laced his question. " Calm down Jayson. I wasn't shot but someone else." I beamed. What a dick I was, to almost yell at him. He heaved a sigh of relief but immediately got curious again. " Who got shot? " He inquired and before I could answer, Grayson came out of the room and walked towards us. "Welcome Capo." He greeted Jayson and the curious Jayson responded with a nod. (Boss) " I have dressed her injury. The bullet didn't penetrated her shoulder. It was just a scratch. Her health condition will improve
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