Chapter 12: Summer Competition 1

Ignoring Cai MingZhu, two disciples who were twins, suddenly went near Luo and as they surrounded him, constantly looking at him from various angels they introduced each other. "We are the nightingale twins of the Ancient Zither Abode. This is Zhong Bai, my brother."

"And this is Zhong Gui, my brother. Now, you should introduce yourself."

Luo was amused at this and introduced himself "I am Luo LianHao, nice to meet you."

The other apprentice, a scrawny girl with a flat chest and short,wild brown hair looked at Luo with disinterest. As their eyes met, Luo smiled "Hello sister, I am Luo LianHao, what would your name be?"

"Hmm. My name is Hao Qi". She looked at him up and down and carried on with her business.

Luo also introduced himself to Cai Mingzhu but she did not grace him with a reply, so he shrugged and moved to the registration counter with Xun.

After entering their names for the competition, master Fu Lin bi

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