Legend Of The Defenders

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Legend Of The Defenders

By: BOLDE CompletedFantasy

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"Legend of the defenders"is a fantasy thriller, action, urban novel that tell stories about the struggles in Ralite city between the good forces and evil vices of the enemies of the city. The novel started with the story of good forces of the three superhumans that came to rescue Ralite city and her citizens from evil forces of six flying wolves that invaded the city. To further strengthen the people against the evil forces, the supermen left a special weapon with the good leader of the city for the protection of the citizens. The novel contains many action, thrilling and love stories that everyone will like to read.

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  • claudianovena


    nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in tpuch with y ? i have sth to discuss abt the booknice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in tpuch with y ? i have sth to discuss abt the book

    2022-03-26 12:53:35
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31 chapters
Chapter 1: The Defenders
The fisher men were having great time in the ship after a successful fishing in the sea close to the city of Ralite.Simeon, the captain of the ship was on the steering to ensure the crew safe dock by the city shore.The fisher men crew were ten in number.They were drinking alcoholic drink with hot fish and sauce to prevent cold from the sea.They had been in the sea for over twenty four hours.They were now celebrating their successful fishing outing.The had caught many fishes that will fetch them good revenue.The ship was some meters from the shore when sudenly wind started blowing intensely from the sea with a terrible wave current towards the ship.Peeping through the window of the ship, Simeon observed some creatures like wolf coming out of the sea.They were six in number and very gigantic in size.They could fly. They flew pass the ship with such mighty wind being felt in the ship. They flied ahead towards the city.The shape of the six
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Chapter 2: The Banquet
The banquet hall was filled to the capacity with guests.The invited guests were all seated before the king arrival into the hall was announced. Among the invited guests are king junior brother, captain of industries, head of government ministries, head of security operatives and other prominent personalities in the city.They had heard that the defenders left a silver coloured knife with the king for the protection of the city from demonic invaders.They all came to have a glimpse of the object.The king and queen had seated in their seat in the front of the hall. He had given the knife to one of his servants to place it in the showcase placed in the front of the guests.The guests were all eager to see the object as the king servant walked to the showcase stand to place the knife there.They were anxiously waiting for when they will be called to have a look at the object displayed.The celebration started proper with the master o
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Chapter 3: The Conspiracy And Judgment
Prince Kelly scheduled his meeting with his supporters for 10.00pm the next day. He told his friends to meet him in his forest house.The forest house is far away from the city. The house is the only building in that forest vicinity. His so called supporter friends are ten in number.They arrived in their expensive cars at 10pm prompt and proceeded to the conference room in the building.Prince Kelly is already waiting for them in the room.His supporters are among the very rich in the city.They all sat round the conference table with the prince in the middle."l called you all to this meeting today to lay plain my plan of taking the throne from my brother.Last time we conveyed a meet like this, I told you I'm considering this move. It is time to initial the process."His friends kept quiet and listen attentively.He continues, I believe we all know what is in it if I become the king of the city.One of his friends reacted. We don't know what is in it for us. It is good you let us
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Chapter 4: The Saboteurs
The staff of ministry of agriculture is asking for fund on the land the ministry advertised farmers could get free, Laran lamented to Jose.Oh! You've gone there? They are not trustworthy people. That's what they were doing.Is that so? Laran asked in surprise. The situation had provoked agitations from the farmers association, Jose mentioned. The farmer association had concluded they will protest about this extortion, high price of fertilizer and many other matters of concern, Jose further explained.When will they protest? Laran inquired. I need to join them in this protest. As you can see, foodstuf prices, petroleum products prices, transportation fees have all gone up. Almost everything in the city is currently expensive, Laran stated.It is true, Laran, something needs to be done. It is possible the king is not aware. It is good we call his attention to the situation in the city.I will let you know when the protest is going to hold, Jo
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Chapter 5: Destruction Of The Wizard (a)
It was in the forest path way. The king was on the horse with his military combatant uniform.The horse was on top speed. It has covered a great distant in the forest.He was riding alone. His army were nowhere near. Thereafter, the horse started reducing it speed, then collapsed.In a few seconds, king Richard, was on the ground in the forest  He stood up quickly to help the horse but it's damaged in one of the legs.A tiger was advancing vigorously towards his direction. He realized there was no weapon with him.What will he do? The horse is wounded, he needed to protect himself from the dangerous beast approaching. He ran towards the nearby trees to hide. He climbed the tree for refuge.The tiger did not see him climb the tree. It passed by looking for him.While on the tree, he realized that the tiger was not bothered about the horse but was actually on the look out for him.Some minutes later, he came down from the t
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Chapter 6: Destruction Of The Wizard (b)
 The dragon appeared in the palace premises spraying fire to the guards and structures in the vast land. The banquet hall had started burning. The king office and study room were not exempted. The building were on fire.The king guards were shooting spontaneously at the huge bird. There was panic in the palace as everybody were on the run for fear of fire.The dragon had sprayed fire on two guards already. They were lying down injured.Other guards had hidden themselves in the building not affected. The general had been briefed of the attack on the palace by the king.Two military fighter jets were despatched immediately to the scene. Meanwhile, the king had wore his military camouflage uniform ready for combat.He proceeded to the place where the silver coloured knife is kept and take it. He brought the knife out of the building and was holding it with his right hand.As soon as he looked up to focus on the dragon
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Chapter 7: Recovery Of The Silver Coloured Knife
It is over a year since the king overcame the wizard, Klofa and his dragon with the knife turned mighty sword. The news of the powerful knife had spread like wild fire burning over large forest land. The news had been spread all over the city and beyond. An artifact merchant and billionaire, Mr. Chebat, is seriously interested in the silver coloured knife.He has numerous ancient collection of artifacts in his private museum. He heard of the powers of this knife left for king Richard, by the defenders. And he had been lusting over having the knife as one of his private museum collections.In his desperation, he has sent spies to the palace museum severally to take the pictures of the knife. He is obsessed with the knife. He wanted them at all cost.And because of his obsession for the knife, he contacted the bad gang to steal the knife for one million dollars for him. The gang whose name is "the vulture" had done several jobs for him in the past.
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Chapter 8: Love On Sight (a)
All the buildings in the palace that the dragon fire burnt and destroyed had been fixed. The builder did a very nice and neat job.The palace building structures were looking colourful and beautiful with the marble exterior surface decoration that the builder used.It is weekend. The king's son, Prince Richmond fiancee just arrived the palace to spend the weekend with the Prince.She is known for her notorious behaviours, anger and arrogancy. When she comes around for weekend, which usually starts from Friday evening, the palace assistants are subjected to humiliation by her horrible behaviour.This weekend as she came out of the chartered vehicle that brought her, she behaved rudely to the palace assistant that came to assist her pulled her bag to the Prince's quarters. She claimed the palace assistant was slow and sluggish in his approach when picking the bag from her.The palace assistant, whose name is Tema, did not utter any word but quietly pulle
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Chapter 9: Love On Sight (b)
Much later in the evening, Jane called attention of prince to her missing jewels. How did that happen? the Prince inquired. I did gave my clothes along with yours to Linda in the morning to dry clean.Probably, I left the jewels in one of the dresses. You think Linda will see your jewels and she won't return them, the Prince asked her. You never can tell. Let's search her room. I'm sure the jewels will be there, Jane stated.It's late now. Let ask her in the morning. Jane was mad. She had wanted the search done that night.Prince left her and walks back to his room.Could it be true that Linda stole those jewels, Prince pondered over what Jane told him. He doubted. Linda can't possibly steal those jewels, he concluded.Jane had woken up waiting for Linda arrival that morning. At the sound of first knock on the door, Jane had opened the door. Good morning ma, Linda greeted smiling.Morning, Jane answered. Prince and I will like to chat w
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Chapter 10: Prince The Giant Slayer
Legend has it that giant race had visited Ralite city in the past to trouble the city. The story claimed they were people possessing two heads and six hands.They were filthy looking carnivorous beast. The story claimed they were human eater.They were claimed to have been destroyed by the knight and defenders after serious battle in the ancient time.Whether it is true story or not, Ralite city is not in anytime ready to witness another of such creature. Myth has it that another world is between the earth and space. And that this world is dominated by these giants.It is believed this world is very far from the earth and that the giants living there are not sophisticated enough to create rocket ship that can  bring them back to the earth.How then is this giant return to Ralite city?  Where is he from? these are the questions people are asking. The truck had been loaded with five big mahogany timber woods. The driver and his assistants had enter
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