Chapter 31: Exit with pursuers on tail

Luo and Hua followed Fu Rah, as they assumed a pace that was not too hurried but was not too leisurely either. Just as they made it to the outskirts, Fu Rah changed directions and circled back to the opposite end of the town. Hua and Luo were puzzled but they did not question it and followed her.

She led them to a nearby dock and then gave them the clothes of common people while she donned such a set of clothes as well. She then assumed a normal pace again and bought 3 tickets to travel down the river , southeast towards the bay of the Yellow sea. Her plan was to go on the ship and then travel north once she reached the bay back to the Ancient Zither abode.

A few hours passed and as they were waiting for the ship to start, they noticed a few people asking around for a lady and two kids, one with a sword and one with a Zither.

"That's a pretty accurate description of us, don't you think master?" Luo turned towards master Fu Rah who wore an irritated look. "Dam


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