The behavior of the child comes from the parent : Anna's Pov
I looked for that person. The one who framed Sixto and the real culprit or killer of the woman when the incident happened. It wasn't easy for me to find him, especially since I didn't know him very well. I don't know his name, where he lives, or what he really is. But despite my walking, I suddenly stopped when I turned to my right. Where there is a candidate walking there and campaigning as he shakes hands with people. He has many bodyguards with him and behind him is a tall young man. My eyes seemed to narrow as I stared at that young man. His face is familiar to me. His hair was just a different color, but I knew I had seen him before. I suddenly smiled when I remembered who he was or where I had seen that young man before. I can't believe that I will see him here. Furthermore, I've been looking for him for almost five days and I can only find him here. The one day the gangsters gave me, I did not fulfill. Instead, I hid and went far away. But I know they are looking for me and at a
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