I just woke up when I felt them pouring cold water on me. I immediately got up and caught my breath. Furthermore, I looked around where I saw Rita, Luigi, and Simon holding a water bottle. On the other side, I saw Raphael with his hands and feet tied, while his face was covered with a sack.

“Are you alright? You've been unconscious for almost a day, and we thought you were dead.” Simon said to me as he handed me a wipe on my face. I looked at Luigi's direction, where he immediately looked away from me while bowing his head.

“What really happened? You said he wasn't infected with the virus, but why did he suddenly become like that? Why did he become a zombie, didn't he die of heart disease? What is the truth, and why did you keep it a secret from us about this?” I asked Luigi as they turned to him. He slowly looked up at me, and then he turned to where Raphael was.

“It's true that I hid from you what really killed him. That night I had no choice but to lie to you because I don't want
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