When we entered the abandoned house, Simon immediately grabbed Luigi and punched him hard in the face and then kicked him hard on his thigh, causing him to fall down. We were surprised by what he did to him and as he was about to approach Luigi, I immediately stopped him and grabbed his arm,

“That's enough, Simon.” I said while still clenching both his fists and looking intently at Luigi.

“It's all his fault, if it wasn't for him your life wouldn't have been in danger or maybe because of him, you got eaten by those zombies.” He replied while I was still holding his arm. Luigi stood up and hurried to us. I thought he was going to get revenge on Simon, but I was surprised when he punched me in the face, causing me to get a cut on the side of my lip. Because of that, Simon quickly grabbed his collar and raised one of his fists to punch him in the face again, but they were immediately stunned when Rita stopped them.

“Don't move and don't speak.” She said in a low voice, so we turned our
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