“I'm fine. How is she doing?” Simon said as he turned back to take a look at Rita's condition. But she still hasn't woken up, but according to Luigi, her heartbeat is stable.

“We need to find the medicines for her and the medical equipment. There are not enough materials here for me to start operating on her.” Luigi said, so I nodded my head and continued driving. We went around looking for a hospital or clinic, but it wasn't easy, especially since the city is so vast and there are places we had to avoid because it was overrun with zombies. Until the ambulance we were riding in suddenly stopped.

“What happened? Why did we stop?” Luigi asked me while Simon turn at me in astonishment. I thought we had an engine failure, but my eyes widened when I noticed that we had run out of fuel.

“What are we going to do?” I asked as I turned to both of them.

“Why? What's the problem?” Simon asked as he came closer to me and looked at what I was referring to, where he shock when he saw that the ca
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