While we were waiting for Simon inside the ambulance, we suddenly heard a noise from above. Luigi and I both looked up, but we just ignored it, thinking that maybe it was just our imagination. But unexpectedly, what seemed to be stones fell one after another. Because of that, I frowned and Luigi and I exchanged glances at each other. I tried to go out to find out what was happening there, but I was stunned by what I noticed when I witnessed black crows flying in the sky, and it seemed like they were dropping stones on the ground.

“What is happening?” Luigi was curious as he got out of the car and looked around. Even he stopped and was amazed at what he saw. There are many black crows flying in the sky, but it's a wonder why they are dropping stones, and they seem to be just circling where we are. For some unknown reason, I was suddenly terrified and seemed to know something bad at this moment. Until there were more of them, but they only revolved in the same direction. Until we heard
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